Mto Moyoni is a father heart ministry located in Uganda which holds a month long camp for youth ages 16-25. During this camp, the youth undergo teaching of inner healing and the Father heart of God. These youth begin to experience God as a Father and receive His love in their life. The heart of Global Redemption is to then bring these youth into a mentorship relationship to go deeper into developing a lifestyle as a son or daughter. Following are testimonies from youth who have begun this process. 


When asked how Gilbert would display the transformation that happened in his heart his response was this: 

'I'm going to be different. I won't have to say anything. People will see how I am different and that I experience my Father's Love'


I used to have terrible dreams with death and fires. But they have gone. Ungodly beliefs really touched my heart. I now encourage myself with godly beliefs. I have learned to forgive. I hated my father's family. Now my mother has also forgiven him and the love of God is filling our family. 


I felt so fatherless but I went through the teaching and I believe I have a Father. I can now easily forgive. 


I had problems with my family. They were not together but relationships at home have been restored. God is making me a good man, I am no longer gambling but getting money by working through my sweat. I have many friends now in the community. -Festo is pictured above being baptized. 


I received Jesus as my Savior when I was very young. But for many years He was the Way out of hell, not to the Father. Going through the programs at Mto Moyoni empowered me to follow Jesus into the arms of my Daddy who I now believe loves me because of who He is and who He has made me to be, His princess. The inner healing ministry of Father heart has changed my heart and therefore my lifestyle.