Team Bios

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Mike Wulf

Board President

I am involved with Global Redemption because God has truly blessed me. I don’t deserve His grace, but serving and following Jesus has revealed the importance of serving others, which I’ve discovered is my passion. My wife and I have tried to instill this foundational Christian concept to our two children this as well. My twenty plus years in the military and as Physician Assistant have lead me to many places around the world that don’t share the many freedoms and blessings we enjoy. Locally I enjoy serving in the Boy Scouts of American and coordinating with my wife our churches fire wood ministry for the elderly and handicapped in Central Oregon. Globally I’ve enjoyed being a part of mission trips to Kenya and Mexico and look forward to traveling to Uganda in the near future. I believe in Global Redemptions mission to reach youth around the world, by helping them to thrive in God’s love, and mature in their identity, purpose and passion.

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Christine Wulf

Board Treasurer

I’m a wife, mom, daughter, sister and friend, all wrapped up in a beautiful, messy Christian life that’s packed with love, joy, tears and abundant gratefulness. When Kelly asked me to be on the Global Redemption team, after I had served on a mission trip in Kenya and witnessed the challenges of mere survival, I was delighted that my passion for the youth of the world could be used for such an amazing mission. The vision God has given Kelly to help young adults find their identity, their purpose and their passion is one of extraordinary hope. Global Redemption’s ten month, one-on-one mentorship program will see youth transformed by God’s love, Jesus’ work on the cross and the Holy Spirit’s power, just as He is doing in my life every day. From moving almost yearly as a child of an Air Force officer to teaching junior high science/math and then onto being an Army wife, with two deployments under my belt, I’ve had many opportunities to observe God’s faithful hands at work. Right now I’m tickled to see what He has in store for Global Redemption and will be overjoyed if I can be a small part of His mighty plan.


Andrea Lowe

Board Secretary

My heart has always been with youth and Africa; I received my Bachelors in Psychology with a focus in Adolescent Counseling from Cal Poly, SLO. After graduation and moving away from the beach, I made my way back home to Northern California where I worked with multiple youth organizations and made my first trip to Kenya. Since relocating to Bend, OR I have slowly searched for ways to continue to serve and then I met Kelly. She briefly mentioned she was moving to Uganda to work with youth and I told her I wanted to know everything about what she was doing. Instantly I could see her passion and drive for this program and I feel in love with her vision. I work full time for a veteran run non-profit that focuses on counter-trafficking. In our free time my sidekick, Hank, and I enjoy all the adventure and beauty that Central Oregon has to offer. I know The Lord is using this program to change lives and I feel honored to get to be a part of His work.


Mindy Laidlaw

Voting Board Member

I was born and raised in Southern California. I went to Pacific University where I received my degree in occupational therapy. I made my way to Bend, Oregon when I was doing an internship at St. Charles Medical Center in 1987. I am now the therapy supervisor of the acute care therapy team, and have worked at St. Charles almost 30 years. I married and have two beautiful girls, Brittany and Taylor. They are now 24 and 22 years old. I have been a member of Westside church for almost 30 years. I love the Lord and feel so blessed with the life he has given me. I have been on many boards, and when Global Redemption was introduced to me, I knew in my spirit that I wanted to be part of this amazing nonprofit organization. I love that we are in Uganda, helping youth to understand that you can be set free from bondage. Family is so important to me…and now I have an extended family through Global Redemption!


Kelly Rompel

Executive Director

I am a Daddy’s girl who is loved like crazy by Jesus and my body just happens to be a home to Holy Spirit. ;) My heart is filled with my desire to travel, my 15 nieces and nephews, a dog named Schatze and Uganda. I live in Uganda where my feet are red like the dirt and my smile is as big as the smiles of the kiddos that cram in my Land Cruiser, Bubbles. I was born and raised in Bend, OR, my favorite place in the world. In 2010 I moved to Uganda to work against female genital mutilation, run medical clinics on the Islands as well as volunteer at a children’s remand center. The vision for Global Redemption was given in my heart by Daddy over ten years ago so it’s been a long, humbling journey whereby first, I received the revelation of God’s love as a Father and my identity as His beloved daughter. Now my life mirrors that of the beaver from CS Lewis’ Narnia story; telling others about the great Aslan and their identity and purpose as His sons and daughters.

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Jen Sweeney


I am a stay at home mom to my four beautiful daughters(5,3, & twin 1 year olds) and to my husband who recently resigned from his pastoral position. We are currently trying to discern what it means to be everyday missionaries to our neighborhood and community here in Bend. We enjoy being in the community with our neighbors and outside playing. I coach high school tennis in the spring and love it! I have been involved with Global Redemption since January of 2016. I enjoy walking alongside of Kelly and the heart our Father has given her to reach the youth of Uganda. I assist with the administrative work for Global Redemption part time. I graduated from Boise Bible College in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Biblical Studies.

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Allison Giffin


I have extensive experience as a bookkeeper and hold a degree in accounting. I am a Central Oregon native, and have worked with many small non-profits in the area and have a specific interest in non-profit bookkeeping. I have a heart for helping good people do good things, being a part of the Global Redemption team and vision is a perfect match.