Inner healing

Many youth in Uganda, as well as around the world, are growing up with societal pressures and cultural norms which are harmful to physical as well as emotional health. While living and serving in East Africa for three years Global Redemption's founder Kelly Rompel encountered young girls being forced to undergo female genital mutilation in order to be accepted as a member of their society. She walked with boys living on the street practicing sodomy. Fathers were mostly absent or abusive in families leaving mothers to raise multiple children on her own. These and many more pressures were the norm facing young people. This kind of a past causes filters to be formed within our hearts and brains. The process of inner healing involves walking back into those painful experiences in order to walk out of the pain in a healthy manner. No longer covering what was done due to shame but bringing it to light to destroy the darkness. 

Vocational Training

On one of Kelly's trips to the Islands in Lake Victoria, she met a woman who had three children from two men who had both abandoned her. Poor, hungry and a single mother of three without options she turned to prostitution in order to feed her family. One night as she finished her 'shift' a man tried to entice her for one more 'trick'. She refused and tried to leave. He grabbed a bottle and broke it on a counter and slashed her across the face with it. She survived and now lives with a large scar. Upon meeting Kelly at a Christian evangelism conference she accepted Jesus as her Saviour and then proceeded to ask her 'now what?' Kelly was faced with the reality of this woman's life. She had Jesus and now for her eternal life would live in the paradise of Heaven but what about now? Connecting this woman with local pastors empowered this woman to work for the church and brought her out of prostitution but this woman's impact inspired our vocational training program. We desire to connect these youth to vocations in the community where they can participate in training and internships. So that when they leave our program, they can financially support themselves with work that empowers them. 


We all need someone in our life championing us. Someone to teach us life lessons and listen to our hurts and triumphs. This is what mentorship looks like. Within a safe environment of our residential center we match older mentors with our youth in order that between the various curriculums we teach, attending church and Bible studies as well as washing dishes our youth have someone walking life with them solely with the purpose of encouragement and guidance.  

House of the redeemed

Global Redemption takes these three values and is creating a safe environment for youth to experience the Father's heart and begin to live as sons and daughters. Our project is beginning in Uganda where we are currently seeking land to build our residence center. The project will consist of a ten month period whereby youth will come to live at our center experiencing inner healing for past trauma, Biblical teaching, curriculum to further empower them (financial planning, nutrition, basic health care), vocational training to pursue financial sustainability following our program and mentorship. We are a new program taking wisdom and experience from other programs around the world in order to form similar opportunities for youth in Uganda. This is our beginning.