Healing Amidst Laughter


Last night the realization of the importance of laughter hit me deep. My little missionary community in my town is made up of two families with children here with them and two married couples. One of those couples is about to celebrate 40 years of marriage next month. They will be traveling to the US soon so we decided to have a surprise early celebration for them. We tried to make it special with good food and ideas of prayer and prophecy over their marriage. The food was wonderful and though Holy Spirit did reveal His thoughts towards them, His flow of the evening went a different direction. To give a bit of background, this past year has been very challenging for this community as a whole as well as each family individually. We’ve shared tears, confusion, anger and heart ache a lot. So in a way, prayer and listening to the Spirit felt right. And I believe it would have been right. But the Spirit instead, led us into what was best for this moment. Laughter. Each couple began spontaneously sharing funny stories of their marriage, irritations that are now tolerated if not loved, in-law stories and much more. As I sat back listening to these stories and seeing tears flow from laughter instead of anger and pain I marveled at how the Spirit works. Yes there is a time for prayer. Yes there is a time for the prophetic. But it says also that there is a time for laughter. I truly feel that pains were being healed. Anger was being relieved. Confusion was being mended. Marriages were being bonded. It really was a beautiful and powerful night. 

I also want to share a bit of a blessing that your financial gifts are able to stretch even beyond the youth of Uganda towards these missionaries. This little community gets together every Tuesday evening for dinner and fellowship. Between the two families with children there are 12, soon to be 13! We rotate where we have this fellowship but when it’s at my house, no children are allowed. Sitters are hired and it’s a time for the adults to spend time together without kiddos. Purchasing food for 9 adults gets expensive, a bit beyond my financial food budget. But with your financial donations, I am able to host this wonderful group of Kingdom sons and daughters once a month, possibly soon to be twice a month. Beyond this larger fellowship opportunity, I also host each of the women for either a meal or a cup of tea each week individually. This is a time I set aside for encouragement, prayer and sometimes just an opportunity for these wives and mothers to be instead simply women. I have a quiet property where they can sit in the garden and enjoy the peace and flowers (when the dogs are not attacking them with love and licks) or they can sit in my prayer room with a pumpkin candle and piano music for soaking and thoughts of autumn. We laugh, we cry, we live together. It’s been such a blessing to know that financially I am able to do this for these women. So I thank you for these financial gifts. 

If you’d like to begin giving, visit our website. Finances are not focused on one people group or project. Instead your finances are being used to reveal the Father’s heart for each of His sons and daughters, no matter race, gender or color, to know they are His and they are loved and belong. We are thankful for you.