As I write this, another group of youth from all around Uganda have gathered for a school of experiencing God’s love as a Father. Healing during this time is always a miracle to behold. These young people carry so much pain, shame and apathy in their hearts. They leave holding their heads high knowing they are sons and daughters. It is a time of beauty and grace being found in the eyes and hearts of young people. This is the first year that a second school like this has taken place at Mto Moyoni, a ministry in Jinja that Global Redemption has worked with for many years. We are so grateful for their vision and willingness to partner!

Speaking of partnerships, this is a path Global Redemption is exploring further. Partially due to the blockages experienced within becoming registered as a nonprofit, our board both in the US and here in Uganda is exploring partnerships with established organizations here in Tororo. When I, Kelly, began visiting Tororo one of the things I found so profoundly different than other parts of Uganda was the desire for partnership and collaboration among ministries. In the past couple of weeks I’ve begun having meetings with a few of these other organizations to discuss what a partnership would look like. At this point, there is nothing officially happening. But it is a path we believe Daddy is leading us along. 

I want to add a bit more about me personally and what’s happening. As I wrote previously, I went to Kampala for a week of intensive counseling. It went well and I will be going back for more. The robbery in January was the major focus however as with all counseling, more was revealed. I’m thankful for this, though it’s begun a painful processing season for me. There has been a lot of trauma, both chronic and acute which has happened in the past two and a half years that I’ve been back in Uganda that I have not fully processed and it has deeply affected my heart and my life. Because of this, I’ve pulled back from a lot of activities I was involved in. Please pray for my heart as I continue this processing. I deeply want to experience more of Daddy’s love in these areas though right now, all I experience is void and darkness. 


Also I would like to add another story from my time away earlier this year. While I was in Israel, I typically woke up each day and asked Jesus where He wanted to take me that day. One day, He brought me to the pools of Bethesda. It is mostly ruins but has a beautiful garden. I sat in the garden and began listening to my audio Bible of the story of the man healed by Jesus in that place. It is still even surreal as I think that I was actually there. :) While sitting in the garden, a gentleman approached who worked there and I made a comment of how beautiful the garden was. His eyes beamed and he said ‘thanks, I’m actually the gardener so it means a lot that you’ve been sitting here enjoying this place.’ He then spoke of how he had been watching me and noticed that I was different from the many tourists because I had sat and just enjoyed the area for over an hour. He requested me to share a meal with him and he promptly ran off to get fresh bread, falafel, tea and hummus. Oh my goodness it was so delicious! We sat for quite a while as he pointed out the various flowers, plants and even herbs he had planted. We enjoyed the meal and fellowship. Thinking back to that time, I can just imagine that is exactly how Jesus would have acted in that moment with His kids. Jesus took time in creating everything we see around us in nature. And His great desire is for us to come sit with Him as He nourishes us and shows us what He has designed. I am grateful for the opportunity to do so and I encourage you to spend some time in nature this week and ask Him to reveal His design both for what is around you, and within you. :)