Miracles Through Trauma


“I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear, but now my eye sees You.” Job 42:5

Each time I share my life story I am reminded of how many times I have seen the Lord. But now I have a few more testimonies. Those of you who have heard of what happened via social media, allow me now to reveal the many further layers of what happened the night of January 13th. For those of you not on social media, during the youth school I was a leader for this past month there was a robbery attack in the middle of the night. It was very violent and terrifying yet no one was injured. I was the only white person sleeping on the property and thus becoming the main target during this 45-60 minute attack by 12 men. I’m not going to share all that the enemy did that night. Instead, I’m going to speak to the miracles that Daddy revealed that night.

The men broke into my room first, they had been doing recon on the property earlier in the night and knew which room the only white person was staying. When I woke to the noise of my door handle being forcefully turned multiple times I rose to open the door thinking one of the youth needed something.


Miracle 1- Holy Spirit warned me from opening the door by highlighting that no one was saying my name. I began to yell ‘NO’ and the smashing began. It did not take long for the door to come off the hinges at which time I began to yell “GET OUT” to the 7 men who ran at me.

Miracle 2- the girls in the room next to mine at first thought I was having a nightmare and wanted to come help when I yelled NO. However when I yelled GET OUT, the girls’ leader realized there was a problem and they needed to remain quiet and inside their room. This girls’ room was kept invisible from the theft.

Miracle 3- when I began screaming, three of our youth boys from the school came running to my room to help. They were very confused when they entered and upon seeing the men over me on my bed became scared and ran. This is a miracle because all 3 escaped safely. One ran to our director a few kilometers away and was able to sound an alert for the police. The second ran back to the boys room and kept them from fighting by giving the rest of them the facts of what was happening. The third ran to the river to hide in the bush and saw that the men escaped in boats (something that the police did not realize was happening in these attacks).

Miracle 4- Vulnerability here. I was sleeping naked. When the men entered my room my greatest fear of being raped was realized and felt true. Before any of the men could hold me down however the Scripture ‘though I was naked, you clothed me’ came to my heart and I knew that Jesus would keep me from being raped. It was in this moment that Peace settled in the room and I held a clear mind the rest of the night.

Miracle 5- I had been through a training on hostile environments just a couple of months ago and because of this training I was much better equipped to handle the situation than if I had not had this training.

Miracle 6- Though three of our guys were bound, no one was injured in this attack. There have been 8 other attacks by this group and at each there have been people hospitalized due to injuries.

Miracle 7- At first, the men found very little cash on me and the other youth. They began to threaten they would kidnap one of the girls or kill one of the boys if they didn’t get more money. This went on for quite some time until they found a hidden bag in my room (I thought they had already found this) which had a large sum of cash. When they found this cash, they left very quickly. Daddy revealed to me later that this large sum of cash had basically paid ransom for the life of one or more of our youth.

Miracle 8- One of our youth boys who entered my room escaped to run to our directors home. In order to leave our property, he jumped a 2 foot trench and jumped over a fence 6 feet high. “By my God, I can scale any wall.” Psalm 18:29

Miracle 9- Last July while in the US I went through training for how to take a group through a crisis. Because of this training, following the attack, I had the knowledge of how to help the youth walk through the pain of what happened and into Daddy’s arms.


Miracle 10- The day after the attack, Daddy asked me to go back into my room and He had a gift for me. He took me back to the attack and revealed the fear I had of being raped. I have actually had this fear hanging over me for months due to the fact that nearly 20 women were raped and mutilated near my house where I used to live. As I sat on the floor in this room which had been filled with terror He spoke to me, “Even though you were naked in a room of men with evil in their hearts, I would not let them rape you.” Immediately love came over me and the fear left. That fear is gone now and will not return because no longer will I give authority to it by agreeing with it.


Moving forward I do ask for further prayer. My sleep is very disrupted and does not last long. I have rushes of adrenaline in my system due to post traumatic stress and I’m finding myself exhausted and at times overwhelmed by all the processing of the trauma. Please pray for peaceful sleep to come and remain as well as for Daddy to continue to reveal Himself. Pray for the attacks to stop. Three more locations were hit a couple of days ago, totaling 8 locations in 14 days. Pray for these men to have a Saul to Paul experience. I do not wish harm on any of them, instead for them to deeply experience the presence of Holy Spirit. Also please pray for specifically 2 of the 3 boys who entered my room. Their hearts are struggling with the image of what they saw happening to me and the fact that they ran. I have spoken to each that I was not being raped or cut with machetes as they suspected but there is a deep guilt that only the Father’s love can touch and remove. Otherwise, join me in thankfulness for all these miracles I’ve shared.

I want to say thank you to the many people who have prayed, sent donations, encouraged me and purchased items to replace what was stolen. It all has deeply touched my heart. My beloved ring which meant more to me than any other possession in my life other than my Bible was taken but even that Daddy has spoken truth to my heart. My wonderful car Bubbles was also stolen and with it, the car title. There is only hope in Christ that it will return but that hope is founded on a miracle and not on anything practical. All other vehicles stolen by this group have been located except mine so most investigators involved do not believe mine will be recovered. But again, the beauty in the story of Job was not in what materials were returned to him, but that He experienced a deeper level of God’s presence than he had before. And I feel the same way. Many people have asked me if I want to leave or asked me why I stay. My answer to that is that I’m not here because of Ugandans. Therefore it will not be Ugandans that make me leave. I am here because Daddy invited me to be a part of what He is doing here in Uganda. And the thieves tried to tell me ‘this is Uganda’ when I asked them ‘why?’ but I know the truth. The Kingdom will be revealed because there were youth on that property who chose to run to my rescue, who chose to protect each other and not fight, who chose to have integrity and not steal. The Kingdom is here in Uganda because the power of the Father’s love is being experienced in the hearts of many and turning spiritual orphans to sons and daughters. That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m not leaving.


With Love,

Kelly Rompel
Executive Director of Global Redemption