Joy and sorrow and some more joy

I’ve written often about the struggle I have with the wide differences between life in America and life in Uganda. But today, there is a wide difference within my own community. This morning I visited a dear friend whose daughter just gave birth two weeks ago to a beautiful little girl. This little girl is coming into the world to parents who love and support each other, grandparents who dote on them and many, many friends who have been praying for this precious life for months. We spent time visiting and praying over the baby and the mom. It really was a beautiful time of laughter and joy. 

Then this evening, a woman came to my house who I haven’t seen for many months. Her and her husband were my first friends in my town when I shifted here. They had done so much to help me settle and organize my home. Very quickly however, the true character of the husband was revealed. He has stolen from multiple people within the town, myself included. He was also involved in many car thefts in my neighborhood as well as crimes in Kampala involving gang activity. This past month he killed someone there and still has not been apprehended. This has all been such a shock to our community and myself. It deeply hurts having someone I trusted in my home steal from me. The entire family fled in the middle of the night but now the wife and children have returned home. The children are no longer in school due to the lack of funds. And now, the wife gave birth to a precious baby boy just 9 days ago. She was bringing him to see me as well as ask for assistance. My heart broke as I looked on this precious baby and thought of the world he was entering into. No father to provide for him. A mother desperate to feed her other children already. I desperately searched the heart of God for what to do, to give, to say…. I heard His heartbeat as I’ve heard it so many times before ‘it was never meant to be this way’. I experienced the pain in His chest as it was my own as well aching for change for her and her situation. Sometimes there is nothing to do, to give or to say except to hurt with them. 

Please pray for her and her children. Pray for the husband to come forward and repent and confess for his wrong doing, that his heart would change and desire for justice. Pray for wisdom for me as well. There is an on-going investigation in this situation and I have been warned to stay away and not be involved. I am going to ask a couple local churches what can be done to assist. My heart is deeply aching for her. 


I also have a request regarding some excitement happening this month. Jane, my former roommate and best Ugandan friend :) will be graduating University on the 25th. She has been studying social work these past three years and worked her butt off for it! She has been the top student nearly every term. She has even been asked by some of her professors to assist them with teaching! I would really love to do something extra special for her for her graduation and since some of you know her personally and others have known her through me for so long, I wanted to open it up to others to be involved as well. If you would send a prayer of blessing or prophetic word via email then I can put them together for her. Or a financial donation (send me an email with how much) I will put together a graduation gift for her. I’m soooooo proud of her and want to celebrate her life so I’m inviting you all to do the same. :) 

Thank you all for your prayers, support and encouragement!