2018 & Onward

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


There are so many updates from this year and much to look forward to in 2019, so let’s get started!!! I’ve just returned from 10 days rest in Kenya and it was fantastic! Days filled with being with Jesus, cuddling in a blanket with 2 great danes sitting on my lap and watching Christmas movies. I typically take this time between Christmas and New Years but schedule changes caused me to push it early in order to make sure it happened. I pray that in this season and the coming year, you prioritize time with Jesus as well as time for rest and fun. All are important and have value in our lives! 

This past year has been full of breakthroughs, challenges and healing. We received our NGO certification which was a huge breakthrough! Of course we received it with an expired stamp which was a challenge. Even today I am finishing paperwork for our renewal still! If anyone is interested in helping Global Redemption here in Uganda through administrative work, you are very needed!! :) 

Enjoying a hike up Tororo Rock with fellow missionaries and new friends

Enjoying a hike up Tororo Rock with fellow missionaries and new friends

We have had breakthroughs in shifting to Tororo and establishing relationships with fellow non-profits in the community who are doing similar work. This was important because we wanted to develop partnerships instead of coming in as a lone wolf. The vision of Global Redemption has been not only well received but we have seen many partnerships develop with these local non-profits as well as individuals hungry to receive the teachings and mentorships. We have hit challenges however in regards to purchasing land. The government of Uganda has announced it’s takeover of land within Tororo District due to financial investment increasing in the area and therefore there is an increase within the corruption of land purchase. We therefore have taken a step back to re-evaluate how our program will continue in this season. 


Through this step-back, we are seeing an emphasis needed on development of our future mentors. Without any push from Global Redemption, one of the organizations we partner with for a young adult school every January has decided to see the same development occur. Therefore next month for this 3 week school, young adults who attended the school previously and have shown leadership of walking in sonship will be positioned as small group leaders. These leaders will act as mentors not only for this school, but for our future follow-ups as well. Pouring into the next generation is the heart of Global Redemption. We are therefore reviewing the idea of taking the opportunity to further train and reach out to these mentors in the coming year through renting a space and utilizing our curriculum in short term programs. Mentorship while living together is still our ultimate goal, however at this time and for this coming season we feel this is the step Daddy is leading us towards. 

Also due to the step-back I, Kelly, have had time to re-evaluate some personal passions and struggles I’ve been having. The violence within Uganda has not only continued, but has also come close in proximity to where I live once again. This time of year tends to see an increase in crime due to the need for increased finances for Christmas and school fees which are due in January. I am thankful to various organizations as well as the psychologist I saw while in the US over the summer for giving me tools to become more aware of my surroundings, train me in active defense and help me adjust to a different lifestyle mentally and emotionally. But with the added stress, I am also seeing how this is a new life for missionaries in Uganda. Due to this increase of stress as well as increase of trauma, I have begun undergoing trauma care training. The need for this training was revealed to me on Thanksgiving when I sat with a young missionary woman as she cried on my floor as she shared her experience of rape, assault as well as being molested in broad daylight in a busy area of town. She had been unable to receive adequate care following these events due to the lack of trained practitioners. Stories like hers are becoming too common and I feel Daddy is desiring me to reveal Him in this gap through this training.

Trying to get a Christmas photo in front of the tree and one dog is camera shy and disappears and another can't keep his eyes open!

Trying to get a Christmas photo in front of the tree and one dog is camera shy and disappears and another can't keep his eyes open!

As I mentioned, this has been a year of breakthrough, challenge and healing. And honestly, I am expecting these three attributes to accompany into 2019. I am thankful for each of them. Breakthrough reminds me that Jesus is truly in control, challenges remind me that I am not in control and healing reminds me that the place of peace is found in the lap of the One who is in control. :) 


The next couple of weeks for me will be filled with some exciting times as I am hosting three friends who are missionaries in Congo. These friends live in a constant state of bombs and shooting due to the war occurring as well as the recent Ebola outbreak. I am excited to give them an opportunity for rest and renewal in my home. Then following Christmas I get to visit with a team who has come from the US for a few days (one being a missionary family and my best friend who used to live in Uganda). Then its a couple days to rest before reporting for the youth school in January. 


I ask for your prayers over the following:

1. Our paperwork renewal this week.

2. Safety within the nation of Uganda, especially our community of Tororo.

3. Deep rest in the arms of Jesus for my friends from Congo.

4. The youth school in January for open hearts to receive the comfort of Father God.

I ask for your end of year giving to aid us in the following:

1. Our renewal paperwork cost will be nearly $1,000 overall which will give us approval for 3 years.

2. I would like to send my Congo friends to a nice retreat center for a couple of days which will cost $200.

3. The cost for each youth to attend the school in January is $215. I would like to sponsor at least one youth for this school.

4. We are in need to have our monthly donations increase as well in order to hire Ugandan staff to help me prepare for the short term mentor development. Monthly donations can be automatically deducted from your bank account or charged on your credit/debit card.

Donations can be made via our website: http://www.globalredemption.net/donate/


Thank you all for reading this update. Your connection, donations and prayers mean so much to me. I pray that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and hopefully time spent with family! Sending you my love and hugs from the warmth of Tororo! :) Happy New Year