Good News & Greetings From the Nile!

 I have some amazing, wonderful news to share with you! I’ve met with Benard, the gentleman who has been working with the NGO board trying to get our paperwork in order for NGO status in Uganda. The last we had heard was that the date stamped for our approval was two weeks after it was approved so it appeared we had already expired but they were trying to force us to pay for a year’s worth of approval. This has been a common tactic by this government organization in order to get more money. But last week when I met with Benard, he told me the NGO board acknowledged their mistake and we had received the approval without any payment of the year. They simply stated we should apply for renewal as soon as possible! Woohoo!! Also the process for renewal is much easier than the process for the first time so I have nearly finished compiling the needed reports. Once the renewal is settled, I can renew my visa and we will be able to purchase property as an organization! Yay!!!

NGO registration doc.jpeg

       Last week I was at a Father heart encounter for 6 days. It was such a blessing to attend and receive from Daddy’s heart into mine. There was a lot of inner healing that happened for myself as well as the other 35 attendants. I found there was a lot of pain in my heart from the trauma I have been dealing with from my stay this past year in Uganda and it was so good to have some things cleaned out of my heart before I try to minister His love to others! It is so important to work on our own hearts on a regular basis before we try to assist others. Something about removing the plank from our own eyes before we try to assist others…. :) 

The school was hosted by a team from the UK and Holland. Not only was I able to attend but many of our youth from the program as well. It was incredible to see the youth we’ve been raising up move deeper alongside us. Many of these young men and women are becoming mentors within their families, churches and work places. Daddy’s favor has really come upon them and is revealing love in deep ways. One young man named Emma has begun to trust in financial provision in deep ways refusing to leave the center for a higher paying job because he believes the Father desires him to remain so he can experience our Fathers love.


Beginning today, we are hosting a youth follow up for the week. This will be a time of refreshment and receiving as we spend time in Daddy’s presence and share how He has been moving in our hearts. We are expecting about 20 young adults which is a smaller group than normal however our leadership team is made up of only 3 instead of the usual 7. I will be the only leader staying on the property with them so prayers for good sleeping will be needed! :) The ages of attendants are between 16-25 so there are some night owls among them! The first session this afternoon we will hear testimonies of their hearts then we will discuss as a team what Father is saying to share with others.

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    Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or of you are praying for me and what is going on here in Uganda, I love hearing from you all! Thank you for all your continuous support, 

In Christ,

Kelly Rompel