Moving & Growing


Greetings from my new town of Tororo, Uganda!!
         I have reached Tororo and the work on my new home has begun! Workers are putting a new chain link fence to keep in the dogs, finishing tile throughout the house and building a kitchen! I will also have some of the interior walls painted with cool colors. This house was such a blessing to find! The land is owned by a local family so by living there I am able to support their livelihood through my rent payments.


The youth follow up last week went great! We had a smaller group show up which was actually easier due to three of our leaders being MIA. I was the only leader staying at the youth compound which was fine up to the final evening when the youth refused to go to bed… Those of you with children know the feeling! This follow up did not have a theme but instead, due to a smaller group, we really wanted to spend time hearing their testimonies and struggles and see how they interacted with and encouraged one another. We sat in a circle for the sessions and the format was much more discussion like than previous follow ups. The youth shared stories of favor in leadership opportunities, school fees being provided and guidance from the Holy Spirit in troubling times. One of the young men had not returned to the youth center since he had attended the January-held school back in 2014. He spoke of missing the companionship and encouragement from his fellow brothers and sisters. Another of the girls who has attended nearly every follow up shared how she had been able to share the Father’s love at her place of work.


We took time to hear God’s voice for one another as well and prophecy His love and encouragement. One of the leaders received a picture for one of the young men regarding his current living area and how it was really limiting his growth. She did not know but he had come to me a couple days prior with a desire to shift to a new home because he felt held down by his current surroundings! This word encouraged him, expressing to him that he is truly following the Father’s steps for his life and is listening to His voice.

Our next youth follow up is scheduled for the middle of November and we are also beginning preparation for the next youth school in January. One of the biggest changes will be that some of the youth from previous schools will move into a mentorship role leading small groups. This is very exciting and shares so much of the heart of Global Redemption!! To see sons and daughters becoming fathers and mothers to partner with the Holy Spirit as He raises up more sons and daughters! Please be praying as we listen to His guidance on who is ready to take hold of another, as Barnabas did with Paul.


Finally, I have found a puppy for my new home as well. He is six weeks old and is mostly German Shepherd. He is a dream come true and as I was talking to Daddy about him, I heard Him say that the pup is a ‘gift’. Therefore, I have decided to call him ‘Shai’ which is the Hebrew word for ‘gift’. Though I will pronounce it ‘shay’. :) I’m sooooo excited to bring him to my new home in a couple of weeks and train him. He will be both a companion to me and security. My hope is to train him to accompany me most of the time.

I'm so thankful for each of you in my life. Your prayers, financial support and encouragement really mean a lot to me. I love to hear from you so please, email me back your prayers for me, your requests for prayer, funny pictures or just an update about your life. I love to remain connected. Sending each of you love and a hug!

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