Home Again

Home Again

Greetings from Uganda! :) I've been back about 30 hours and it feels like home! I know that may sound strange to some of you, but I'm realizing home is more where my pillow is than anything else because of my travel schedule. In fact I'm leaving my home for another home in about 30 hours! 


My flights were uneventful and thankfully I slept most of the way. One highlight though is that I was able to bring my guitar this time. I have been making attempts but due to the need/higher priority of other things it has not been an option. It even had a first class seat on my last fight, I was a bit jealous! :) 


Jane arrived from school the same day I did so it was a wonderful time of hugs and sharing lots of stories and catching up. She will be doing an internship from Sept-Dec to finish up her second of three years in university. She is exploring two possibilities for the internship, one being in Tororo. I am biased, however I am praying she chooses the one in Tororo! ;)

So far I have been back to the basics, paying bills and getting reacquainted with life here. I picked up Bubbles (my vehicle) from the family who cared for it while I was away and it drove very nicely! There is a new tax on all social media/communication apps so that has caused a lot of issues for the government. People have so little finances already that to have an additional daily tax in order to communicate is difficult. So I am working to adjust to the added cost as well as needing to be the pursuer of communication to keep cost down for others.

I leave home Sunday for Jinja and a father heart seminar for 6 days. I will not be leading this school but instead taking the opportunity to receive from a team from Europe/New Zealand. I am really looking forward to this time for renewal and receiving. 

I'm so thankful for the time I spent with so many of you in North America. It was wonderful to see you, hug you and eat with you! I miss you terribly and my body longs for your time zone still! ;) It's currently 2:30 am my time and I am wide awake with jetlag. 

Please continue to pray for me as I resettle back into life here in Uganda, safe travels on Sunday as well as deep connection with Holy Spirit next week at the seminar. From there I will be traveling to Tororo to figure out my housing situation. Prayer that the previous home I found is still available! :)

Thank you all for everything. Sending you love and hugs!


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