Maybe I'm too young to be thinking about inheritance. ;) Both my parents are alive and healthy. But I'm not only their daughter. I'm also the daughter of God. Many of you know that I've been calling myself "Daddy's Girl". So much in fact that now when I get an email from my earthly Dad, he actually signs with 'Earth Dad'. (By the way Dad, I love it!) But I'm thinking about my heavenly inheritance. I've been reading many Scriptures on this and learning a ton. The prodigal son story is probably one of the most famous story from the Word but there is another story that I've just come across this morning. It's found in 2 Samuel 9. It is the story of David and Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth is the last surviving family member of Saul and he is Jonathan's son. David loved Jonathan so much that he wanted to do right by his family line. So he calls Mephibosheth into his court, who is terrified he is going to get killed so that David can control his royalty. But instead David, out of love for Jonathan, restores all of Saul's financial inheritance to Mephibosheth. All the money, land, servants, etc. Incredible! Now Mephibosheth can live a life of royalty in wealth. What an inheritance! But then David does something else. David tells Mephibosheth in verse 10 "And [you] Mephibosheth will always eat at my table." David not only wanted to give him his inheritance of wealth and prosperity. David wanted to return Mephibosheth to a relationship with the king. Wow! What a powerful testimony. It's one thing to have wealth, but it's a completely different thing to eat with the king every day. That brings so many other things-peace, wisdom, protection, influence, affection, belonging.... These things are our true inheritance. This is what Jesus' death and resurrection has brought us. Now with Easter coming up, what if Daddy wants to show us a new aspect of what our inheritance is? I believe He does. I believe He wants to show us more of what He has in store for us not only in Heaven but right here and right now. Let's ask Him!!

Youth Follow-up

We had our first youth follow-up since the school in January. 30 youth came, our largest group yet! We had times of testimonies, soaking and teaching. We also did activations in prophecy (photo left). We put the youth in two circles facing each other and had their eye closed. Then we spun the circles until the music stopped so they wouldn't know who was in front of them. Then each youth asked Daddy for a word for the person in front of them. After speaking these words, the youth who  received shared how that word was specific to their heart. Lots of surprised faces!! :) They are learning of His deep love for them and how their purpose is to reveal that love to the world as they receive it first themselves. Such a powerful time!!


Last week the House of Prayer in Tororo asked me to come share about Father's love during their lunch hour prayer session. It was such an honor and blessing to me to hear how the daily messages Holy Spirit gave me to share touched the lives of so many leaders. Breaking of bondage of shame and religion, offering forgiveness even when it still hurts and revealing the love of the Father as Jesus did were just a few of the topics from my heart. I am so thankful for this ministry and relationships! I've loved being back in Tororo for a couple of weeks and I can't wait to move here in August!!

It's coming close!!

My departure from Uganda for a few months time in the US and Canada is coming close! We are scheduling a welcome home party at my church in Bend, Epikos and I'll let you all know the details as they are solidified. But I wanted to share a bit of my schedule so we could get together if I'm in your area! 
May 7th-15th Bend, OR
May 17th-29th Alaska
May 29-June 1st Portland,OR
June 1st-11th Toronto, CAN
June 12-14th Portland, OR
June 15th-19th Fort Jones, CA
June 20-25th Redding, CA
My schedule for July is still uncertain but I know I'll get up to Portland and Seattle during that time but will also be spending time with family and friends in Bend and enjoying summertime there. If you're in those areas I would love to get together with you! Please send me a message and we'll put something down! But also, the Goodrich girls do not know I'm coming so if you communicate with them please keep it a secret!!! :) 

Thank you all for walking this journey of revealing sonship with me! I'm so thankful for your presence in my life. I'm really looking forward to connecting with many of you while in the US. Our program here in Uganda is moving forward even if our paperwork isn't. We are continuing to design both our building and program as Holy Spirit reveals these to us. I am amazed at His heart being revealed through each step and step back. :) 
Sending each of you love, peace and a hug! 
~Daddy's Girl