I have begun taking an online course through Bethel Church in Redding, CA that is called "Introduction to Kingdom Culture". The more that Daddy is bringing Global Redemption into a vision of revealing Kingdom Culture, the more I realize I want to experience more first. We cannot give what we have not received. I have experienced something different when I have attended conferences and services at Bethel Church. There is an atmosphere and culture there at the church and within their school of ministry which is quite unique and very valuable. Through this online course I am learning qualities of this Kingdom culture such as their four pillars of belief.
1. God is good.
2. Nothing is impossible
3. All things were purchased at Calvary
4. Every person is significant

Reading those, it may seem like 'christian 101'. However what I have begun to see in my life is that I don't often truly believe these. If I fear where my finances are going to come from or if they will come in for the month, am I truly believing that God is good. If God is good and I truly believe that, then why would I fear about my physical needs? I want to encourage you to sit with a journal and write these down. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal to you any areas of unbelief. Look at your lifestyle and the culture developed within your home and family. Do they match these core values? What are other core values perhaps He wants you to experience in your life?


This is a photo of Wilson and two children he cares for. Wilson attended the youth school in January and recently shared this testimony with us. "I had much pain in my heart because of the wrong thoughts I had about myself, the people I live with and the community I live in which caused much fear, hatred, self condemnation and shame to me. I failed to identify my true identity as a son but when I came to Mto Moyoni I drew closer to my Father and at the end I had to say Father, you're my everything. Here I am Father and the pain I had in my heart got healed."
Wow! So amazing to hear what Daddy has done and continues to do with these youth. Wilson celebrated his birthday during the school. That day we pulled him to the front and asked for the rest of the youth to speak words of love and affection over him. Wilson told me later that it was the first time anyone had done that for him within a group setting and it was his best birthday present. I will see Wilson again just in a couple of weeks for our first follow-up youth weekend of 2018. So excited!!


That's right I'm coming to America!!! :) haha! I LOVE this pick up line!! I will be visiting, speaking and fundraising from May-July. I am looking forward to seeing many of you! More specific details will be coming as they are organized but I have a favor to ask. Would you be willing to speak to your pastor, missions director or small group leader regarding having me come share while in the US/Canada? I would love to come share Daddy's love, what's been happening here in Uganda as well as what are the next steps for Global Redemption. Thank you!!!


Please take note of our change in email address to "globalredemption815@gmail.com". I know it is a small change from one verse reference to another but as I was praying over our vision and future I was reading Romans 8:19- 'The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed.' Such a great verse! It truly is our desire, as well as this worlds! However, when I was reading this scripture, I realized that the answer isn't given in this groaning. Instead the answer is given a few verses earlier. And Daddy spoke to me saying that I need to stop focusing on what hasn't happened yet. Instead begin to focus on what He has done already. Romans 8:15is a past tense verse for us. Therefore this is the answer to the sons and daughters of God being revealed. As we receive His Spirit and as we cry out to Him and call Him Abba, or good father, the earth's groaning will cease. :) So it may seem a small thing to change an email from one number to another but for me, it is a statement of faith and a declaration for myself and Global Redemption.


haha!! I love to laugh! And I thought this was hilarious!! I'm so thankful for each of you and your prayers!!