Building a Firm Foundation


This past week has been so wonderful. Two leaders from an inner healing ministry in Switzerland came and did a five day training of various inner healing methods. If you are unfamiliar with the vision of inner healing, it is very simple. Walking out of the bondage of sin, trauma and pain. It is about becoming delivered, healed and made whole. I was able to sit in on the training to receive further experience myself but was also able to assist in their training as well. The Ugandans being trained are leaders of a missionary training school. This school is training Ugandans as missionaries to muslims. These missionaries are being sent all over Uganda as well as to Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya and beyond. It is always important for our own hearts and filters to be made pure as we minister to others so this is a wonderful first step! I have connected with this school a lot and they have expressed interest in having me come share and utilize the curriculums we are developing for Global Redemption. We are exploring these ideas still but I love the heart of partnership that I have found here in Tororo. 


I want to take time to introduce you to my three watchmen individually. The first one is Samuel. He is in his mid-20’s, married and has a 5 year old daughter. They currently live with his mother but he is anxious to have them come live in Tororo. At that time, he would move out of the flat on my property and move in with them. I love the idea of him bringing his family to be close to him. This is rare as many men desire to have other women where they work and they visit their wife and children a few times a year. Samuel has a desire to work in security for many years. He enjoys the work and sees how it could financially support his family in their future. He is the team leader and is very charismatic and likes the dogs a lot! 

Andrew is the second watchman. He is also in his mid-20’s and is married with a two month old son. He was raised by his uncle as both his parents were killed when he was very young. His wife and son live in the village where he is from. He also has a desire to bring them to live in Tororo. Andrew is quiet and very intelligent. He has foresight which is a rare trait here in Uganda and I see a lot of potential in him. 


Campbell is the final watchman. He is in his mid-20’s and is the youngest of the three. He is single and currently not in a relationship, anyway he won’t tell me. :) He has a young soul and is highly moldable. He is a learner and I see that he enjoys being around others and seeing what is happening. He is also a bit quiet but gets a kick out of the dogs as well. 

I am so thankful for these watchmen’s presence and I desire to pay them good salaries for their work. They have a rotating schedule of 2-12 hour day shifts, 2-12 hour night shifts, 1/2 day for non-security tasks on the property and 1 1/2 days completely off. Each are followers of Jesus Christ and I often hear them praying for things around the property. Each salary is roughly $100/month. At this time we still have needs of monthly donations to increase in order to cover these salaries. If you would like to help support Samuel and his family, click this link and you can sign up for monthly donations. Or if you would like to make a one time donation click this link. All donations are tax deductible in the US.