New News! :)


I am back in Uganda from my wonderful trip to Kenya and settling back into life and home has been so good. While in Kenya I had time to process some of the stress that happened over the past six months and I feel refreshed in my body and spirit. Life here has a tendency to weigh me down and when I don't set time aside to process with Holy Spirit, the weight becomes unbearable. Getting back into the swing of things also means engaging in some transition which is coming. No details yet but I want to ask for prayer and wisdom as our team here in Uganda moves forward. 

Jane, board member, is currently taking her last final exam for this term today and then she will be home next week for the next 4 months! She will be volunteering with an organization in our community and we are both excited for her to be home long term! 
Mark, our other board member here in Uganda, got married last weekend so obviously he is enjoying his honeymoon with his wife! I was unable to attend but am soooo excited for the two of them and their new journey together.

Part of the transition coming will involve a need for more Ugandans to join our team in a real way. So over the next couple of months we are praying about who Daddy desires to join us and having conversations with those individuals about what that could mean for them. In order for more Ugandans to join as staff however our monthly financial gifts will need to increase to compensate for their time. Please pray about joining us financially for this to occur. 

Our NGO status continues to be uncertain. The NGO board has now had our paperwork 1.5 months and we have been assured that within 3 months we will have approval so please keep praying for this. 

This coming weekend we will have a Going Deeper weekend with Fatherheart Ministries. I am so excited as these weekends are opportunities to connect with Daddy as well as others here in Uganda doing His work. This weekend will be hosted through Mto Moyoni in Jinja. Please pray for this ministry. There have been many break ins over the past couple of months and last week a man who lives in the home across the road was shot and killed. The police do not investigate the same as in the West and have simply told the homes nearby to increase security. This has been heart breaking. The man was from Germany and was married and had grown children. Please pray for them as they try to process this horror. 

Please pray for the many missionaries here in Uganda. A family who has lived here for nearly 11 years is headed to the US next week and two more families who have also lived here over 10 years are preparing to leave by the end of this year as well. As those of us who are here to stay say goodbye to our friends it can be difficult and lonely. Please keep all of us in prayer. 

I love you all and am so thankful to walk this journey with so many. 

P.S. I know pictures speak a thousand words and perhaps they can be more meaningful however I personally struggle with taking photos while moving out. Much of what I am currently doing is counseling and encouraging missionaries, meeting with ill or injured friends for medical counsel and treatment or playing with kids in my old village. Yes I'm sure photos of those experiences would speak what is happening here however in a world where so many Africans are exploited through photos taken without a regard to respect for them I tend to limit the photographs I take and limit even more those I post on social media or our website. Many of the stories I am living with and encountering must also remain confidential in order to honor those who are sharing them with me. Therefore please do not judge our lack of photography or social media posts but instead remain steadfast in prayer for those encounters. I'm so thankful for your prayers and would struggle to continue if I were without them. I ask for grace and patience as I learn how to connect the two worlds in which I find myself.