Geography doesn't Matter

It has been heart breaking to see the devastation done by the fires in Oregon and the hurricane in Texas. But it has lifted my spirits seeing so many in those locations reaching out to help others and so many who are far away sending donated goods, finances and prayers. When we look at the destruction through natural disasters or the attacks of the enemy it is so easy to be overwhelmed. Living in Uganda has shown me that in full force. But someone reminded me this week that we are encouraged to keep our eyes on Jesus. When my friend said that to me I immediately went to the Scripture passage and kept reading and found that it's all about finishing a race well. It doesn't say make sure you finish first. It says finish it well. Some of us may be on a sprint race right now. Trying to keep up with the vast need around us. Others are in a marathon trying to be good stewards of our blessings while helping those around us as well. Whatever the race, let's as a Church come together. Whether in the United States, South Korea, Holland or Uganda. Geography doesn't matter to a big Dad. He desires unity. And what a powerful force unity is! I have loved reading and seeing pictures of people selflessly and tirelessly spend time, energy and finances to help those in need in Houston. We can't do everything but we can do something. So instead of focusing on the negative things and making judgements, let's join together as the Church and move into these acts of darkness and bring His light!


We are still waiting for our NGO status to be approved here in Uganda. I've been told we should hear back by the end of September so please keep the prayers coming. This week I have been working to consolidate our curriculum resources so that our team can begin organizing and developing each topic. I recently found a Old Testament/New Testament survey curriculum from a US theological seminary school which they provide for free at no cost and allow copies to be made as well. Their statement was 'everyone needs more of Scripture so please use this and share this as much as you can'. I love when the church is truly His Church. Reminds me that when we believe He provides all, the enemy will not prevail. I've also been aided to purchase a few more resource books which will come next month to help develop a curriculum specific for our youth men and youth women when we discuss struggles and roles gender specifically. We do not currently have any resources for teaching financial planning/developing a budget so if you know of a good one which works for a cash based system and founded on Kingdom principles please let me know. 
Tomorrow I am sharing at a children's home regarding the topic of emotional awareness and connecting with Holy Spirit to help process emotions, especially through trauma. I'm grateful for these opportunities to share what Daddy has placed in me over the years. Please pray with us for me to speak His heart and for these young people to be open to Him. 
Please continue to pray for the missionaries here. Last week at the missionary ladies Bible study I lead there were many tears and stories of personal pain which came through. I believe Daddy's heart is being revealed to each of these women but I ask for more and therefore I also ask for more prayers. 

My love and thanks to each of you. I believe in you because I believe in Holy Spirit moving through each and every one of you.