Family Camp Week

Last week I had the awesome opportunity to help at a youth camp with Mto Moyoni (the father heart ministry I partner with here in Uganda). Typically our follow up ministry times with these youth are weekends throughout the year but this time since schools are on holiday we hosted the youth for one week. It was a time of fellowship, teaching, questions and lots of fun. Below is a photo of our whole group standing in front of the Nile River. These are youth who have attended the month long school in January over the past four years. These youth are on the journey from orphans and slaves to becoming sons and daughters. It was such a blessing to hear of what Daddy is doing in their lives as well as to talk through some of their questions and issues which they are facing. We used the life of David as foundation for the teaching this week. It was nice to have so much time with them because we shared from so many relationships in David's story. David and Jonathan, Jesse, Saul, Bathsheba and Absalom. We also brought up the topic of finances and integrity. Our base is living in a Kingdom Culture and sharing how a son and daughter live apart from an orphan culture. 

Sons see beauty and creativity

One of our focused sessions was about the difference between sons and orphans in regards to what each group focuses on. Orphans are busy surviving but sons/daughters take time to see beauty and to celebrate creativity in this world. The first time in Scripture where Holy Spirit 'comes upon someone' is through creativity during the building of the temple. So therefore as we walk as sons/daughters we begin to experience the creativity of Holy Spirit and focus on different things in our life. We illustrated this teaching through picking a flower or leaf and looking at the details of it's creation. Below is a photo of two of the youth boys sharing with each other the beauty they found in their leaves and flowers they picked. Freedom in sonship is found when we move from surviving to thriving. And it is wonderful to see sons and daughters in Uganda living to thrive! 

More traveling

Next week I will be taking another visit to Tororo the village along the Kenyan border. Please pray for safety on the roads, I will be taking Bubbles. Also pray for open doors for connections with a couple of ministries there. More details of the village will be coming soon! :) 

The beginning of October marks three months that our paperwork has been with the government awaiting approval which we have been told is normal. So the beginning of October we will be investigating the status. Please pray we receive approval before this is a need! 

Thank you all for your donations, prayers and messages of encouragement! It all means so much to me!! Love and hugs!!