Findings in the Desert

  I went on a walk out in the desert awhile ago. It was dry and desolate, there were a couple of ponds but they were low with water. The landscape in sight was filled with these dull bone-dry plants. I round this corner and all of a sudden I came across these little white vibrant flowers that looked as if the desert was exactly where they belonged but at the same time they were completely out of place. I just marveled at them for a few moments engrossed in their misplaced beauty. I continued walked along, pushing my niece in a double stroller, and about thirty minutes or so later I come across this snake. We stopped and discussed the nature of the snake, how some are dangerous and some are safe, just doing some animal education with her. As I walked away I felt Holy Spirit telling me that, when you are in the desert no matter what you encounter it is first meant to be confronted and is meant to be connected to or dealt with. Secondly it is something to be moved on from. I felt Him telling me that even the path where we were blessed with the beauty of the flowers he was saying the desert place is not where I want you long term, I want you to move on, move forward. But I will give you things like flowers in the desert place. In Isaiah 43 and 47 there is prophetic word about us experiencing a stream created by God in the desert place. That was my lesson that morning on my walk. Whether there’s flowers or snakes or the enemy encountered in the desert, keep moving forward. Take in the scenery step by step relying on Father and the desert will pass for He is with you.