Pray Prophetically

I just had friends who live in the Congo post on Facebook that they needed urgent prayer due to militants coming about 20 minutes from their home. They needed to make the decision to evacuate and run for the forest or remain at home with locks. As I began praying for them I prayed the usual ‘keep them safe’, ‘confuse the militants’, bring peace to their hearts’, etc…. You know, the usual. But then I was reminded of a situation years ago while I was living in Toronto Canada and a hostage situation occurred at a mall in Nairobi, Kenya. I had stayed in Nairobi the year prior and had been to that mall and I had many friends living in Nairobi so the situation hit close to home. I was so burdened with the desire to pray that I went to the prayer room at the church and fell to my knees crying out for safety and peace over the situation. I then kept hearing Scriptures pop in my head that I didn’t know by heart. So I began looking them up and to my surprise every one of them dealt with peace, safety, comfort, calming of a storm. I realized Holy Spirit was telling me how to pray. So I began speaking these Scriptures out in prayer and felt a new power on what I was saying. Then, Scriptures regarding rest in the midst of attack throughout the Psalms came to my heart. This caused me to be a bit overwhelmed. I felt His power on my prayers yet I also felt this to be impossible. How does someone sleep or rest while bombs and bullets are surrounding them. But Holy Spirit put such an urgency behind these verses that it was a moment of ‘well what have I got to lose’. Bold faith right? Nope. But I obeyed. Well the next evening reports via text messages from hostages in hiding revealed that each time the terrorists would come close to them was when their children were asleep. They already couldn’t believe their children were sleeping in the midst of it all but then that the terrorists wouldn’t walk near them while the children were awake but only asleep. When I heard this I began to weep. What if I hadn’t prayed those prayers? I believe Jesus would have brought it to happen but praying those prayers gave me an opportunity to see the power of the Holy Spirit. So now, when a situation comes which needs urgent prayer, my first task is to listen. How does He want me to pray, then I simply join into what He is already saying. And wait for the miracles.