A Father's Love

Hey there! I just wanted to share something with you. I was just thinking about the massive impact the Father's love letter has had all over the world and just sitting in awe with the revelation. I felt Jesus showed me that so many people have a father wound and when they hear so many preachers with the Father heart message their thoughts go towards thinking this is something new. That the message of His love as a father is something that just came in the past 60 years. But the Father's love letter reveals that it was in His heart from before time to be a Father to us. Wow, such beauty in experiencing His love before the wound even happened. Last summer Jesus showed me that there's never a moment or situation in time that He hasn't been. So when we encounter challenges or heart ache, He has been sitting in that moment waiting for us. Well Daddy just showed me that in those moments, there is also a Father waiting just as the dad in the prodigal son story. When we are walking into heart ache-a spouse speaks of divorce, a child states they hate their parent, a beloved friends betrayal or whatever, there is a Father in that moment waiting to embrace us amidst our heart-ache.  He can receive us with such a powerful love in His heart, eyes and arms. I love the hebrew study of Isaiah 61. 'He has sent me to bind up the broken hearted'. 'Broken hearted' means a hemorrhaging wound from an acute, instantaneous attack. 'Sent' means like an arrow from a bow. And 'bind up' means to take your hands and compress to stop bleeding. So in the Hebrew we see this revelation of the Father sending the Son at the exact moment of our pain when our heart bursts. And the Son takes His nail scarred hands and compresses them around our bleeding heart. Wow He is good!!!! Just wanted to share that with you. What you receive in the love letter will change these generations to bring about a movement of love the world has never experienced. Daddy has been waiting for others to release this kind of radical love. You have been that avenue and I for one, thank you.