Greetings from the Nile

I’ve been staying at a ministry centre as kind of a stand in manager for a few weeks and it has been so wonderful. I’m here caring for two ministry dogs as well as being a resource for prayer to guests. We have had short term teams on their way in/out of a trip, long term missionaries needing respite as well as expats and nationals looking for a peaceful getaway. Each brings a different beauty to the location which is already touched by God! 


I do not have an update on our paperwork process as we are in waiting for the results of one of our board member’s background check to be picked from the government office. This board member, Jane (also my roommate) is in full time university studying to be a social worker. Please be in prayer for her as she is coming up on exams before her first term finishes. Once we receive her background check then we head to the local police to receive their approval-this is also a prayer need as it can commonly be delayed in search for a bribe-which we will not pay. 


I’d like to share an update on my journey here these past couple of weeks. It has been nice to serve at this ministry centre mostly because it is a quiet and peaceful property with the purpose of meeting with Daddy. Just what I need as I’m in a transition into life here in Uganda. I’ve been struggling with so many things and at the root is trust in Christ. I’m someone who believes that if something is not manifested in my lifestyle, I’m not fully living in it. I receive from Christ but until I trust Him and find Him Lord, I am not walking in it. For example I receive faith from Jesus. He has made me a faithful person as my identity however if I am not trusting Him in a certain area of my life, that is an area where I do not have Him as Lord. 

I’ve been journaling regarding this mistrust that I have and recently listened to a podcast regarding Peter and his struggle to walk in his newly given name and identity as the rock. When Jesus reinstated Peter as the rock in John 21:15-19 He makes a statement regarding how Peter will die for Christ’s sake. This has always been a strange statement to me but this podcast revealed that Jesus was not only reminding Peter of his identity but Jesus was also stating that ‘even though you denied me before and broke your word that you would die for Me, you will keep your promise in the end and you will die for me.’ This had such a powerful impact on my heart. I was afraid to say to Holy Spirit that ‘yes, I will trust you in this area’ because I was afraid of failing. But in this time of journaling I felt Him releasing the grace and faith to take a step. I then saw a picture in my mind of a little girl stepping on her dad’s feet as he pulls her up to dance with him. Wow! Oh how beautiful it was and as I truly am stepping on Daddy’s feet I am beginning to trust Him more and more. I pray this for you as well. What is an area of your life you are hesitating to trust Him? We are empowered to trust Him because He is trust-worthy. And He gives us the faith needed to take the step. To Him be the glory!

~ Forever Daddy's Girl  :)