I'm Back!!! :)

I made it!!! The flights were long, the layover filled with adventure and now here I am sitting in Uganda with my heart settled. :) I didn't realize just how hard going back and forth between the US and Uganda the past two years has been until the plane touched down and my heart knew this time it was for good. 
I want to say thank you to everyone who spent time with me, donated financially and hosted me in their homes, churches and small groups my final couple of months. Most of you probably noticed that towards the end my eyes were a bit glazed over and conversation was difficult for me. My heart had begun the transition prior to my body. :) It means so much to me having people accept my lifestyle of travel and being a nomad. 


Dream Big

One of my top adventure dreams has been to ride a camel. I've been picky about how I do it though with wanting the ride to be legit. I didn't want to ride one at a zoo or only for a photo and ten steps. I wanted a long ride in the desert. When I was planning out my layover in Dubai I realized that there could be time for a longer adventure instead of sitting on a beach or going shopping at the mall. So I began viewing various excursion websites and discovered one 7 hour excursion complete with a 45minute camel ride through the desert, a falcon demonstration and a 4-course dinner for just over $100! It was truly epic! The falcon demonstration was actually my favorite part as they educated us, showed how they were used for hunting and allowed us to hold the falcon. Beaver in particular enjoyed this part as you can see in the photo. I held on tight in case the falcon got hungry! :)


Household expenses

One of the first items on my list to do this week is to find a temporary living place for the next few weeks. Then I will head to Jinja where the Father heart center is for three weeks and then I hope to move into my permanent residence! :) This has also involved searching for household items such as a cook stove, bed and clothes wardrobe. I have been overwhelmed by the financial outpouring so many have done. I set up an account with Plumfund which allows me to select items needed and put a cost for them. Donations are then given towards these items so that I can then purchase them here in Uganda for my house. The Plumfund account will end on March 2nd so there is just a couple more days and nearly all needs have been covered! I'm soooo thankful! If you have not had a chance to give towards this need and would like to, visit http://www.plumfund.com/charity-fundraising/from-bendor-to-ugandaeast-africa
There is a wishlist of items and donations can be sent via check or credit/debit card. Donations can also be given anytime via our website http://www.globalredemption.net/donate/

I love you all and am so thankful for you in my life! Follow Global Redemption on Facebook and Instagram to see more of the program here and my various adventures!