Losing the weight of season

A few months ago our weather began changing rapidly from summer to winter. It seemed we were not going to have much of a fall. As I sat one day looking out my window and the trees in my yard I realized how many leaves were still on them. I began to worry about the weight of the snow on them since fall hadn’t occurred. I told Jesus, as if He didn’t already know, that the leaves needed to fall before snow came otherwise the trees would be damaged under the weight. It wasn’t but three days later that a wind storm which lasted two days blew through our area clearing nearly all the leaves off our trees. Fall had come! Less than one week later the snow hit with 15 inches. But our trees were weightless since the leaves were now on the ground. What a beautiful revelation that came. Not only does Jesus know the seasons and control them to protect our world but for me personally. Jesus knows the time for me to let go of what I’ve been carrying so that I can begin fresh to carry what He has for me next. Thankful for His wisdom and provision.