Are we asking the right ?

There has been so much mess that has happened around the world lately. The pain in hearts drives us all to do unthinkable things. Shootings, massacres and bombs have been people's choice to solve their problems they have within themselves. And when I see others try to come up with solutions, most involve or cause more division. 'Well let's get rid of these people.' or 'Let's get rid of this weapon.' People aren't meant for division, we don't thrive when disconnected from others. Humans are meant for connection. If you're not familiar with Brene Brown's work, I encourage you to look her up on YouTube. This is her realm of research and I believe she has profound revelations through it. What if instead of judging others for their actions, we begin to ask each person in our sphere; where do you hurt? Can I walk with you through it and out of it? What if we each took a step of bravery towards the person who we don't like or who we don't understand. What if instead of looking on as a person is breaking, we enter into their pain with them and show them a way out.  
  This past weekend I went to my friends graduation from University and I was so blessed through the day and filled with hope. But a situation occurred which caused me to hurt for this nation in the same moment. I was leaving my seat to go find friends and when I reached a clearing in the crowd an older gentleman suddenly tripped and did a face plant onto the concrete. It happened kind of behind me so I wasn't sure what had happened but when I turned the man was laying on the ground by himself. I looked around and no one was with him or coming to help him so I went and knelt with him. He was bleeding profusely from his face from multiple wounds. I began to take a napkin and paper bg, all I was carrying, and hold them against his wounds while trying to motion for someone else to help. As I looked up there were nearly 10 people, three of whom were military/police, standing and staring at me. I told one of them to go get a nurse from the medical tent and was told by many 'he was just drunk and fell. He should be fine.' Now, you may be thinking, 'wow, Ugandans are harsh'. But what if the person living across the street from you is bleeding in a different way. What if their heart is hemorrhaging from pain? What if your co-worker is suffering in their mind? Do we look on and say 'well they deserved it.' Or 'I don't have time for this.' Or when something violent happens on tv do we blame the object they used or the group of people they hung out with, or the medication they were using? When will we begin to connect with those around us in a deep way to find out where they are hurting, why they are choosing the coping mechanism they are using? What if we each chose to do this? Think about that from a '7 degrees of separation' standpoint! We could reach the world's hurting if we only asked the right questions. Healing hearts is the way we stop the violence. Jesus came to do this. And He chooses to use us if we are willing to step up. Please, let's start with ourselves and then move to the next patient.  Each of us as believers have gifts and fruit inside us that is aching to get out. We have, through Holy Spirit, peace to offer the world around us. We have gentleness, self-control, physical as well as emotional healing, words of wisdom and true identity. Let's begin freely sharing these with whomever is in front of us. That will see the world change as He leaks out of us. 


Prayer answered!

  I've just received word that my visa was granted a two month extension. I'm so thankful for those of you who prayed for this. The focus now can fully be on the NGO board releasing our approved certificate. Once that has been received then I can file for a year visa. So please keep praying!
  I will be taking another trip to Tororo, my future home and headquarters for Global Redemption Uganda, this weekend. Please pray for safety on the roads and favor when I arrive. I have made plans to meet with a couple of land brokers to discuss potential plots to purchase as well as to continue looking for a place to live when I shift in February. 
  Below is a photo from the graduation last weekend. Sam with his girlfriend Maxie both worked very hard and it was such an honor to be there with them to celebrate and laugh! :)