We're Moving!!! :)

Yeah!! Big news! A few months ago as I was visiting my old village, Mukuuba (where I lived the last time I was in Uganda), the doors which had appeared open for Global Redemption to be established began rapidly closing. At the same time that this was happening, Jesus spoke to my heart one evening with a single word: Tororo. Now, unless you live in Uganda that word wouldn't mean much to you. For me, hearing that word caused me to want to fall on the floor screaming 'NO!' in a temper tantrum! Tororo is a small town near the Kenyan border, about a 6 hour drive from where I currently live. With that one word, Jesus revealed a bit more for Global Redemption. Then in July I visited the town, for only my second time, and all was confirmed. After board meetings both in the US and here in Uganda, it is unanimous. Tororo is where it's at! ;) I'm very pleased to say that Jesus has since changed my heart and given me a huge, joyful desire to live there. I've just returned from being there one week where I began the process of looking for houses to rent for myself as well as building relationships with the people there. 




One of the coolest things about Tororo is the foundation that has been laid through the presence of a House of Prayer. I was greeted with so much excitement which followed with 'this is the answer to so many of our prayers' when explaining the heart of Global Redemption to the people I met. This was such a blessing to hear that Daddy has been moving in people's hearts for what is coming. 
Also, the future of Tororo is exciting, though uncertain. Currently, there are plans to build up Tororo to the size of Nairobi and develop into the East African capital made up of the nations of Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda. Each time I speak or hear 'Tororo' I also hear the word 'epicenter'. I believe that Daddy is positioning Global Redemption in Tororo through a very purposeful move to bring about cultural transformation not only in Uganda, but also throughout East Africa. 

Currently I have programs scheduled through the end of January so at this time, I will not be shifting until February but over the next few months I will be taking trips to Tororo to look for a house for myself, land for Global Redemption as well as beginning to establish my life there. Please pray for these next few months as development is gearing up quickly! 

This move signifies two major changes in the development process of Global Redemption. First, we will be transitioning into physical development of the buildings as funding increases. Currently my research found land from $3,000-$25,000/acre. Yes, I know that is a large margin, but that is the way it works here. Our goal will be to purchase 3-4 acres of land for the program. At this time, our savings is at $15,000 so we are positioned for the miraculous! :) 
Second, the development of the program itself. Both of these stages are in need of specific people to join. We need people to join in financial donations as well as people on the ground. As building begins, we need people willing to provide and stand on a scaffold during this stage. My prayer and hope is for our team to grow as we step into this new stage of development. Please join me in this prayer and who knows?!? Maybe one of you will experience Holy Spirit fire while you're reading this! ;) 

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement. Also I want to ask for prayer for my heart. As I mentioned, Holy Spirit has worked in my heart to bring a desire for this move. However, it still brings pain over leaving friends as well as fear of the unknown to my heart. 

Love and hugs to each of you! (Come visit me!!!)