The past few weeks have been so busy that trying to keep up with emails, phone calls and Facebook messages has been difficult. I'm finally getting to them all so I ask forgiveness if it's been a while since I've responded. Your messages truly mean so much to me! 
I have a couple of friends visiting from Germany right now and had the awesome opportunity to take them, expense free, on a safari. I love going to see the wildlife Uganda has to offer. It shows me so much of the heart of Jesus through His creative creation! Each giraffe and elephant is different and it's powerful to watch them up close! Sometimes too close for my taste! I've twice now been surprised by an elephant in the forest right next to Bubbles and had to punch it to get away! Watch Jurassic Park and the scene with "if you don't move, it can't see us" for how my thinking goes... So much fun though also to be with friends! 


   I was also able to take these friends to one of my favorite places in the world! Otino-waa children's village. Otino-waa was started by dear friends and mentors of mine who I know from Central Oregon. It is the most successful and life changing organization that carries the utmost integrity as well that I have ever encountered. I'm so thankful for every opportunity I have to go there and visit with the youth as well as the leaders. Here is their website and if you live in Central Oregon, there is an event in Bend October 21st.  


   This week I am back at home recovering from my travels as well as taking time to respond. I'm thankful for the value of rest in my life that Daddy has given me and it is a continuous prayer for each of us. I had a thought a while back that spoke on the importance of Christians discipling by way of life. I love discipleship and mentorship and am so thankful for the men and women who have helped me in my walk with the Spirit. But this thought specifically was about the definition of disciple being loosely translated as showing someone how to live so they become more like you, or the one who disciples you. In thinking about this it was impressed upon me the importance of how I live my life. Others are watching me and desiring to emulate me, as I emulate Christ. I am being an example for others as to how to live as well as showing them how Jesus lived. Therefore if I'm striving or never resting, I'm not only showing those who watch that it is how they should live but also how Jesus lived. It was a convicting moment for me. I realized how exhausted I was, mostly due to the thought that I had to do everything and everything had to be perfect as well as saying 'yes' to lots of things when I should have said 'no'. This has been a thought that continues to be a guide for me in my life. It takes a long time for this renewed mind to shift a lifestyle but I believe the time and energy is worth it! I'm continuing on this journey for good! :) 

I've been in touch with our contact who is working on the nonprofit paperwork with the Ugandan government and a couple of weeks ago there was a query regarding one form that we filed and he has drafted a new document of explanation. So we are a few steps closer but we need prayer for that to be approved. If not, it means that we will once again need to go around this corrupt politician who has caused problems and find one who is walking with integrity. I'm so thankful for this contact who has taken over the process! I will be calling him Monday to find the results of his document so please be in prayer for us! 

Finally, prayer for my heart as the thought of leaving this area and my home has pushed into my heart and brought pain. I'm not fearing it or walking away from it but I am feeling it at times and trying to soak up as much time with friends as I can! :) 

Thank you all for walking this journey with me and sending prayers, donations and encouragement! Sending this with love and hugs!!