Stepping Forward

A couple of days ago I took a huge step. A step into my role within Global Redemption. To some of you it may seem like a small step but that is what is so wonderful and valuable about community. We all have our own journey and what is small to one may be a great distance to another. My huge step was requesting opportunities to share the vision and goals of Global Redemption. As an organization we are moving towards purchasing property in Uganda to build the house where the youth and mentors will come to live for the ten month program we are developing. In order for this move to continue financial partnerships will need to happen. I believe those partnerships occur when Daddy's heart is revealed within this program and others experience Holy Spirit inviting them to join. That is why I am looking for opportunities to share the vision. It was fearful though for me to send this letter because who knows how it might be received. I could be rejected or judged. The email could raise guilt in those who have received it. As these and many more fearful statements rose in my head I heard Holy Spirit directing me forward. His direction was reminding me of first my identity as a Daddy's girl. Next to my purpose to reveal that lifestyle through His heart. Immediately the fear was minimized and the email sent. Now I have no idea if those fear statements were valid or will occur. I may be judged and rejected. But by stepping forward through my identity into my purpose, my role is being fulfilled. And that is what matters to Him. 
Is there a step forward you have been hesitating to make? Has fear kept you from moving on? My encouragement to you would be first to ask Jesus to reveal more of your identity to you. Sit quietly with Him and listen as He pours love into your heart. Then ask Him if this step forward is a part of your purpose. He will guide you. It may be through a voice or it may be through peace. But He is there for you. And as your purpose becomes fulfilled, passion will flood your heart as Holy Spirit joins your decision. So here's to stepping forward!

If you would like to receive the email I'm speaking of send me a message and I will forward it on.