Project Update 2: Searching for Property

Our search for property to build the house on for the mentorship program has begun with engaging the help of James, a kind of realtor, who has a lot of experience gaining land both for individuals and NGO's. Prior to even meeting with him, he had researched the area according to our criteria and had already met with some sellers. James continues in his search for the perfect land for this project. This is the project that is the next big move for Global Redemption. Obviously the land will need to be purchased prior to the house being built so our resources are being fully focused on this task. Upon meeting with a contractor to discuss the vision and development of the house it was decided that 3 acres would be the minimum size plot needed. The community we are looking at is fairly developed with many opportunities for vocational training, part time university attendance and outreach in the community. The cost for these 3 acres is approximately $100,000. Yes, you have read that correctly. This takes me to our next endeavor. Fundraising. :) That word I know raises a lot of thoughts, some positive and some negative for many people. But personally I love both sides of fundraising. When I was in college and began to learn of the needs of people outside my community I knew I was unable to go and serve, outside of spring break and summers. I was however able to donate. It gave me an opportunity to be involved in blessing and serving those in need when I could not personally go. This is the same opportunity I am giving each of you reading this letter. The opportunity to be a part of changing lives. The opportunity to experience the blessing one receives when they give and share what has been given and shared with them.