Quarterly Newsletter

Dear Friends,

I've been back in the US for a couple of weeks and have enjoyed seeing friends and experiencing Central Oregon in summer! Thank you to everyone who was praying and supporting the trip. Uganda was wonderful. When I arrived I experienced such a joy and peace for my future to once again live there more permanently, more on that later! :) 

The best part of the four weeks in Uganda was the engagement of the Ugandan team towards Global Redemption. Whether it was a vision meeting or mundane tasks of making copies of government paperwork and meetings with officials I had more people willing to help than tasks needing to be completed. So many friends who have prayerfully walked this journey with me over the years began to step up and desire a more involved role. This was so exciting! It also helped move the process along more smoothly as we worked as a team every step. 

It was also powerful to see the tangible move of Holy Spirit in the process. He revealed guidance through prophetic words, prayer and the giving of supernatural peace in the midst of frustrating circumstances. One day spent moving through government offices to receive signatures proved our most frustrating day. My friend Sam and I sat for many hours waiting to meet with each officer. It seemed to prove a waste of time until Holy Spirit led me to begin watching and showing  http://www.fathersloveletter.com/ to others while waiting. There were probably 30 people waiting at different times throughout the day and nearly each one had an opportunity to at least listen to the words of our loving Father. At the end of the day we had not received the signatures needed and would need to complete a new list of tasks prior to returning but as Sam and I got on his motorcycle to leave I experienced peace in that what had needed to be accomplished for the day, had been successful. People experienced the love of their Father that day. My prayer is that each day that carries frustration along this process I would never lose sight of what the task truly is: to reveal the Father's love to His sons and daughters. 

As for the next step in our process Global Redemption has found information regarding the purchase of land as well as the process for building our home for the program. Details of the land are below but the next step towards purchase of the land is obviously fundraising. This scares some people but it gets me excited as I look forward to more people joining the vision of revealing the Father's love to His children and seeing their lives transformed. This vision will work to reveal sonship which is what I believe we are called to as we become more like Christ. If you would like to be a part, visit our website listed below and become part of our donate team. 

To help with fundraising, Global Redemption USA will be working to plan various events as well as looking for opportunities for myself and the rest of our US team to speak and share the vision. If you have the desire to host such an opportunity please contact us. This could be as large as a conference for your community or church or as small as inviting us to share at your small group. Every dollar, every prayer, every encouraging word turns into a step Global Redemption takes to reveal sonship.  

As for my more permanent move back to Uganda, I am planning at this time to spend the next six months fundraising while working part time in Central Oregon. If our monthly funding is at an amount which can support myself and the rest of our staff both in the US and Uganda I will coordinate my permanent move early next year. Committed monthly funding ensures staff salary as well as giving towards our projects of the land and house. 

We are so thankful for your involvement, prayer and financial support and look forward to partnering with you!

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Kelly Rompel
Daddy's Girl and Founder, Global Redemption