Project update: NGO status: pending

NGO Status: Pending

The first task of my being in Uganda was to begin the process to become a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), which is equivalent to a charity or non-profit, in Uganda. This process was begun and is still in the works. We have hired a man named Sam to continue working with the NGO board and the Ugandan government to move our paperwork forward. It is a tedious and at time frustrating process as there is not official documentation explaining the process. Therefore we are a bit at the whim of whomever we are currently needing information or a signature from. Please pray for Sam as he faithfully works for Global Redemption in this process. 
One part of this process was to develop a board of directors in Uganda. This task is fulfilled as we now have a board of three members, long term we desire to have a board of five. One of our board members is a school matron and one is a teacher for an international school. Both have experience therefore working with youth as teachers, mentors and spiritual leader. I am so grateful for their willingness and excitement about Global Redemption Uganda.