Bloom in the Desert

On a recent walk in the desert I noticed everything was obviously dry and mostly the same bland colors. Then all of a sudden a small patch of ground erupted in bright white and radiant green. There was a collection of beautiful flowers that both looked so out of place and yet also exactly where they belonged. I've felt that in seasons of my life. As if nothing around me looks similar to me and yet I knew I was here for a specific reason and purpose. My first steps in Uganda were like that seven years ago. I looked different, spoke different. I even peeled potatoes different. But remaining intimate with Holy Spirit and hearing His voice revealed that His purposes got me there, would keep me there and would nourish me while I was there. Just in the way this small desert flower was growing and blooming in the midst of this dry desert. So now, seven years after my first steps in Uganda I can say that whether I am in Oregon, Uganda or Iceland- it is with Holy Spirit my identity, purpose and passion is revealed. As is yours! :)

“I provide water in the desert and streams in the wasteland, to give drink to my people, my chosen.”  Isaiah 43:20