And she's off!

The big day has arrived! Kelly Rompel has returned from Alaska having shared at two churches and met with the leaders of two more who have expressed interest in her returning this fall to share and now she is off to Uganda thiscoming Sunday! Her time spent in Alaska was fantastic with beautiful, clear weather to see Denali. It truly was a personal dream come true! 
 Kelly will be in Uganda for 4 weeks compiling the paperwork to file for nonprofit status in Uganda, building the board in Uganda, developing mentors, looking for land to purchase and speaking with contractors regarding building the house for the live-in mentorship program. With a to do list like that we really need your prayers these next couple of months! So please remember us in your conversations with Holy Spirit! 
Following the four weeks in Uganda she will then fly to the Netherlands and the UK for two more weeks of speaking. To follow and keep up with what Daddy is doing check out our website, like our Facebook page or follow us on Instagram where photos and updates will be posted regularly. 
Thank you to everyone who has donated, prayed for and spent time listening to the movement of Holy Spirit through Global Redemption! 
If you want to be a part of the movement through Global Redemption click our donate button below. Signing up for monthly donations enables our staff and mentor team to build and grow. 
We pray every area of your life has the experience of love of our Father! Let's go be His beloved kids! :)

Prayer Needs

  • Safe travels for Kelly and to remain healthy
  • Logistics of Ugandan visa, baggage and document filing to go smoothly and quickly without hassle of corruption
  • Holy Spirit to build our team in Uganda through unity with power and love
  • Continued fundraising for our staff salaries both in the US and future in Uganda as well as operations cost for the mentorship program.