Quarterly Newsletter #1!!!

** Global Redemption is Surfing!
I want you to picture yourself on a surfboard. I've never done it so if you have no experience, you're with me! Balance, strength and poise are most important, I've heard. It's not the surfers role to get the wave moving or keep it moving. The surfers role is to gauge where the wave is moving and at what speed the wave is moving. I believe every Christian is a surfer. Our role is not to get Holy Spirit to move but instead to measure where He is moving and how best to steward what He is doing and adjust ourselves accordingly. At Global Redemption that means that an intimate relationship with Holy Spirit is a must. Spending time listening without adding our own agenda and adjusting our vision accordingly.

For us, over the next few months, Holy Spirit is moving us internationally and to the stage. Our identity is sons and daughters, our culture is honor and our message is the Love of Father God. So our surfboard is loaded with that awesomeness and we are soaring high on the wave of His goodness! Our Executive Director, Kelly Rompel, will be traveling to Uganda this summer to begin the process of developing a nonprofit there as well as developing the team for Global Redemption Uganda. This team will be in partnership with our team in the U.S. This partnership is how we have become Global. It is also to this partnership you are invited. Partnership is through prayer and financial giving. Global Redemption U.S. is able to receive financial support from you and transfer it to Global Redemption Uganda giving you the opportunity to impact the lives of young people in Africa and therefore a significant portion of our globe.

As we develop Global Redemption, our vision is three fold. Identity, Purpose and Passion. Our international speaking opportunities, mentorship programs as well as our board meetings all center around these three pieces of our culture. Our identity is found in Christ taking us to the Father, our purpose is to reveal sonship and our passion is unity with Holy Spirit for supernatural power and love.