Unprepared change

Where I live it has been snowing for the past couple of days. In about 12 hours we got 14 inches of snow! It's so beautiful and so fun to play in but also brings a lot of additional work, especially living on a farm. Thankfully we have many helpful hands! :) The trees are all white now that it's hard to remember the vibrant colors they were just 6 weeks ago. I love experiencing the change of seasons because in Uganda, we don't experience that. It's one of the things I miss deeply while living there. This year the leaves fell weeks before the snow hit but I remember last year the leaves remained on the trees until very late in the year. Then late in November we experienced a strong wind storm for about two days which took nearly all the leaves from the trees. The following week a snow storm hit. Thinking about the contrast of these two years has me thinking about how much easier change is when we can ease into it or when we can feel prepared for it to occur. But sometimes it feels like the last minute and we are swept into a storm of uncertainty then abruptly at the last moment, things work out for the best. Lately in my personal life I've been experiencing both. The week prior to purchasing my plane ticket we were short approximately $200/month of donations for me to live bare-minimum in Uganda. I felt so strongly that Jesus was saying 'trust Me'. So the decision was made to purchase my ticket and begin the process of returning to Uganda in February. A few days later visiting with a dear friend and they shared that financially they were stable and had prayed and received the amount they were to give from Holy Spirit, $200. Sometimes He eases us into change and sometimes He sweeps us off our feet in a storm only to show us that He's actually romantically sweeping. :) Either way, each time I experience His involvement in my life, I receive the courage to trust Him a bit more. I want to encourage you to be willing to get stretched a bit. He may be wanting to sweep you off your feet into a deeper revelation of His love for you.