To reveal love is to bring hope

The name Daddy gave me for this movement He was developing was "Global Redemption". I'm still learning what 'global' means to Him. I've just returned from Ontario, Canada where I had opportunities to speak at churches and house meetings. Holy Spirit spoke clearly and loudly regarding the involvement of the international Church with Global Redemption. This vision has been caught and is continuing to grow and be blessed through individuals and churches throughout the entire world and for that I am enormously humbled and grateful. 
One of these church meetings in Ontario I specifically was asked to teach on the importance of walking out of the pain of our past so that the way we see and hear from Holy Spirit is not filtered through our pain. I shared a personal experience from many years ago regarding abuse from a physician. I shared about how Holy Spirit had moved into the memory and revealed supernatural love so that now when I remember that situation, and the physician, I am engulfed in His love. Following my sharing there was an opportunity to hear and see Holy Spirit minister to others in the same way. A man approached me after the ministry time and knelt before me. With tears he told me very simply-"I have had my own 'physicians'. Thank you for sharing, for this is how the enemy is defeated and I have found hope." Daddy's love is powerful and gentle. And the healing it brings transforms our lives. 
As I prepare to move to Uganda on February 22, 2017 I want to ask if there is anyone reading this who would like to be a part of this transformational ministry of Holy Spirit. We are looking for one time donations as well as sustained monthly donations. This will give opportunities for more men, women, boys and girls to experience the ministry of Holy Spirit and see their lives transformed. Will you partner with us? Click the donate button below to be transferred to our website where you can send a donation via credit/debit card as well as read instructions for how to set up monthly donations. 
Thank you for your consideration, prayers and gifts. You are a part of lives being changed.