Back to the Basics

I nanny for my sister and brother in law with their three beautiful little girls. The youngest who is three has not started school so I keep her with me half the day until I got to work at the medical clinic. I tend to listen to the radio in my car and it's either Christian or country stations. A common song on radio, you've probably heard it or sung it at a church, is Good Good Father by Chris Tomlin. I love this song and believe the lyrics to be powerful. Many of the lyrics are repetitive also. This not only emphasizes those lyrics but also makes it easier for my three year old niece to memorize. As we were driving yesterday Good Good Father began playing on the radio and Mckenzie, as she commonly does, began to sing the lyrics. However she wasn't singing along with the song. Instead she sung those repetitive lyrics over and over again. Those lyrics are: 
"You're a good, good Father. It's who You are. It's who You are. And I'm loved by You. It's who I am. It's who I am." 
So over and over all through the song, she repeats those lines over and over. Again, she does this every time the song came on but to be honest I have been very discouraged lately and I have felt very isolated. So something about her singing this yesterday struck my heart along with a dear friend telling me to 'get back to the basics'. What are the basics in this life? Who He is and who I am. I don't know anything more basic than that. When my world is in chaos and I'm confused or ashamed. These two things hold true. He is a good, good Father. And I am loved by Him. Nothing else matters because this is all the matters.