2018 & Onward

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


There are so many updates from this year and much to look forward to in 2019, so let’s get started!!! I’ve just returned from 10 days rest in Kenya and it was fantastic! Days filled with being with Jesus, cuddling in a blanket with 2 great danes sitting on my lap and watching Christmas movies. I typically take this time between Christmas and New Years but schedule changes caused me to push it early in order to make sure it happened. I pray that in this season and the coming year, you prioritize time with Jesus as well as time for rest and fun. All are important and have value in our lives! 

This past year has been full of breakthroughs, challenges and healing. We received our NGO certification which was a huge breakthrough! Of course we received it with an expired stamp which was a challenge. Even today I am finishing paperwork for our renewal still! If anyone is interested in helping Global Redemption here in Uganda through administrative work, you are very needed!! :) 

Enjoying a hike up Tororo Rock with fellow missionaries and new friends

Enjoying a hike up Tororo Rock with fellow missionaries and new friends

We have had breakthroughs in shifting to Tororo and establishing relationships with fellow non-profits in the community who are doing similar work. This was important because we wanted to develop partnerships instead of coming in as a lone wolf. The vision of Global Redemption has been not only well received but we have seen many partnerships develop with these local non-profits as well as individuals hungry to receive the teachings and mentorships. We have hit challenges however in regards to purchasing land. The government of Uganda has announced it’s takeover of land within Tororo District due to financial investment increasing in the area and therefore there is an increase within the corruption of land purchase. We therefore have taken a step back to re-evaluate how our program will continue in this season. 


Through this step-back, we are seeing an emphasis needed on development of our future mentors. Without any push from Global Redemption, one of the organizations we partner with for a young adult school every January has decided to see the same development occur. Therefore next month for this 3 week school, young adults who attended the school previously and have shown leadership of walking in sonship will be positioned as small group leaders. These leaders will act as mentors not only for this school, but for our future follow-ups as well. Pouring into the next generation is the heart of Global Redemption. We are therefore reviewing the idea of taking the opportunity to further train and reach out to these mentors in the coming year through renting a space and utilizing our curriculum in short term programs. Mentorship while living together is still our ultimate goal, however at this time and for this coming season we feel this is the step Daddy is leading us towards. 

Also due to the step-back I, Kelly, have had time to re-evaluate some personal passions and struggles I’ve been having. The violence within Uganda has not only continued, but has also come close in proximity to where I live once again. This time of year tends to see an increase in crime due to the need for increased finances for Christmas and school fees which are due in January. I am thankful to various organizations as well as the psychologist I saw while in the US over the summer for giving me tools to become more aware of my surroundings, train me in active defense and help me adjust to a different lifestyle mentally and emotionally. But with the added stress, I am also seeing how this is a new life for missionaries in Uganda. Due to this increase of stress as well as increase of trauma, I have begun undergoing trauma care training. The need for this training was revealed to me on Thanksgiving when I sat with a young missionary woman as she cried on my floor as she shared her experience of rape, assault as well as being molested in broad daylight in a busy area of town. She had been unable to receive adequate care following these events due to the lack of trained practitioners. Stories like hers are becoming too common and I feel Daddy is desiring me to reveal Him in this gap through this training.

Trying to get a Christmas photo in front of the tree and one dog is camera shy and disappears and another can't keep his eyes open!

Trying to get a Christmas photo in front of the tree and one dog is camera shy and disappears and another can't keep his eyes open!

As I mentioned, this has been a year of breakthrough, challenge and healing. And honestly, I am expecting these three attributes to accompany into 2019. I am thankful for each of them. Breakthrough reminds me that Jesus is truly in control, challenges remind me that I am not in control and healing reminds me that the place of peace is found in the lap of the One who is in control. :) 


The next couple of weeks for me will be filled with some exciting times as I am hosting three friends who are missionaries in Congo. These friends live in a constant state of bombs and shooting due to the war occurring as well as the recent Ebola outbreak. I am excited to give them an opportunity for rest and renewal in my home. Then following Christmas I get to visit with a team who has come from the US for a few days (one being a missionary family and my best friend who used to live in Uganda). Then its a couple days to rest before reporting for the youth school in January. 


I ask for your prayers over the following:

1. Our paperwork renewal this week.

2. Safety within the nation of Uganda, especially our community of Tororo.

3. Deep rest in the arms of Jesus for my friends from Congo.

4. The youth school in January for open hearts to receive the comfort of Father God.

I ask for your end of year giving to aid us in the following:

1. Our renewal paperwork cost will be nearly $1,000 overall which will give us approval for 3 years.

2. I would like to send my Congo friends to a nice retreat center for a couple of days which will cost $200.

3. The cost for each youth to attend the school in January is $215. I would like to sponsor at least one youth for this school.

4. We are in need to have our monthly donations increase as well in order to hire Ugandan staff to help me prepare for the short term mentor development. Monthly donations can be automatically deducted from your bank account or charged on your credit/debit card.

Donations can be made via our website: http://www.globalredemption.net/donate/


Thank you all for reading this update. Your connection, donations and prayers mean so much to me. I pray that each of you had a wonderful Christmas and hopefully time spent with family! Sending you my love and hugs from the warmth of Tororo! :) Happy New Year

Building a Firm Foundation


This past week has been so wonderful. Two leaders from an inner healing ministry in Switzerland came and did a five day training of various inner healing methods. If you are unfamiliar with the vision of inner healing, it is very simple. Walking out of the bondage of sin, trauma and pain. It is about becoming delivered, healed and made whole. I was able to sit in on the training to receive further experience myself but was also able to assist in their training as well. The Ugandans being trained are leaders of a missionary training school. This school is training Ugandans as missionaries to muslims. These missionaries are being sent all over Uganda as well as to Congo, South Sudan, Sudan, Kenya and beyond. It is always important for our own hearts and filters to be made pure as we minister to others so this is a wonderful first step! I have connected with this school a lot and they have expressed interest in having me come share and utilize the curriculums we are developing for Global Redemption. We are exploring these ideas still but I love the heart of partnership that I have found here in Tororo. 


I want to take time to introduce you to my three watchmen individually. The first one is Samuel. He is in his mid-20’s, married and has a 5 year old daughter. They currently live with his mother but he is anxious to have them come live in Tororo. At that time, he would move out of the flat on my property and move in with them. I love the idea of him bringing his family to be close to him. This is rare as many men desire to have other women where they work and they visit their wife and children a few times a year. Samuel has a desire to work in security for many years. He enjoys the work and sees how it could financially support his family in their future. He is the team leader and is very charismatic and likes the dogs a lot! 

Andrew is the second watchman. He is also in his mid-20’s and is married with a two month old son. He was raised by his uncle as both his parents were killed when he was very young. His wife and son live in the village where he is from. He also has a desire to bring them to live in Tororo. Andrew is quiet and very intelligent. He has foresight which is a rare trait here in Uganda and I see a lot of potential in him. 


Campbell is the final watchman. He is in his mid-20’s and is the youngest of the three. He is single and currently not in a relationship, anyway he won’t tell me. :) He has a young soul and is highly moldable. He is a learner and I see that he enjoys being around others and seeing what is happening. He is also a bit quiet but gets a kick out of the dogs as well. 

I am so thankful for these watchmen’s presence and I desire to pay them good salaries for their work. They have a rotating schedule of 2-12 hour day shifts, 2-12 hour night shifts, 1/2 day for non-security tasks on the property and 1 1/2 days completely off. Each are followers of Jesus Christ and I often hear them praying for things around the property. Each salary is roughly $100/month. At this time we still have needs of monthly donations to increase in order to cover these salaries. If you would like to help support Samuel and his family, click this link and you can sign up for monthly donations. https://app.moonclerk.com/pay/8zlscuoja4b Or if you would like to make a one time donation click this link. https://secure.squarespace.com/checkout/donate?donatePageId=5731688507eaa0ea485dbce6 All donations are tax deductible in the US.


Moving & Growing


Greetings from my new town of Tororo, Uganda!!
         I have reached Tororo and the work on my new home has begun! Workers are putting a new chain link fence to keep in the dogs, finishing tile throughout the house and building a kitchen! I will also have some of the interior walls painted with cool colors. This house was such a blessing to find! The land is owned by a local family so by living there I am able to support their livelihood through my rent payments.


The youth follow up last week went great! We had a smaller group show up which was actually easier due to three of our leaders being MIA. I was the only leader staying at the youth compound which was fine up to the final evening when the youth refused to go to bed… Those of you with children know the feeling! This follow up did not have a theme but instead, due to a smaller group, we really wanted to spend time hearing their testimonies and struggles and see how they interacted with and encouraged one another. We sat in a circle for the sessions and the format was much more discussion like than previous follow ups. The youth shared stories of favor in leadership opportunities, school fees being provided and guidance from the Holy Spirit in troubling times. One of the young men had not returned to the youth center since he had attended the January-held school back in 2014. He spoke of missing the companionship and encouragement from his fellow brothers and sisters. Another of the girls who has attended nearly every follow up shared how she had been able to share the Father’s love at her place of work.


We took time to hear God’s voice for one another as well and prophecy His love and encouragement. One of the leaders received a picture for one of the young men regarding his current living area and how it was really limiting his growth. She did not know but he had come to me a couple days prior with a desire to shift to a new home because he felt held down by his current surroundings! This word encouraged him, expressing to him that he is truly following the Father’s steps for his life and is listening to His voice.

Our next youth follow up is scheduled for the middle of November and we are also beginning preparation for the next youth school in January. One of the biggest changes will be that some of the youth from previous schools will move into a mentorship role leading small groups. This is very exciting and shares so much of the heart of Global Redemption!! To see sons and daughters becoming fathers and mothers to partner with the Holy Spirit as He raises up more sons and daughters! Please be praying as we listen to His guidance on who is ready to take hold of another, as Barnabas did with Paul.


Finally, I have found a puppy for my new home as well. He is six weeks old and is mostly German Shepherd. He is a dream come true and as I was talking to Daddy about him, I heard Him say that the pup is a ‘gift’. Therefore, I have decided to call him ‘Shai’ which is the Hebrew word for ‘gift’. Though I will pronounce it ‘shay’. :) I’m sooooo excited to bring him to my new home in a couple of weeks and train him. He will be both a companion to me and security. My hope is to train him to accompany me most of the time.

I'm so thankful for each of you in my life. Your prayers, financial support and encouragement really mean a lot to me. I love to hear from you so please, email me back your prayers for me, your requests for prayer, funny pictures or just an update about your life. I love to remain connected. Sending each of you love and a hug!

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One easy way to partner with Global Redemption is plugging us into your amazon smile account, you shop and they give to us! 

Good News & Greetings From the Nile!

 I have some amazing, wonderful news to share with you! I’ve met with Benard, the gentleman who has been working with the NGO board trying to get our paperwork in order for NGO status in Uganda. The last we had heard was that the date stamped for our approval was two weeks after it was approved so it appeared we had already expired but they were trying to force us to pay for a year’s worth of approval. This has been a common tactic by this government organization in order to get more money. But last week when I met with Benard, he told me the NGO board acknowledged their mistake and we had received the approval without any payment of the year. They simply stated we should apply for renewal as soon as possible! Woohoo!! Also the process for renewal is much easier than the process for the first time so I have nearly finished compiling the needed reports. Once the renewal is settled, I can renew my visa and we will be able to purchase property as an organization! Yay!!!

NGO registration doc.jpeg

       Last week I was at a Father heart encounter for 6 days. It was such a blessing to attend and receive from Daddy’s heart into mine. There was a lot of inner healing that happened for myself as well as the other 35 attendants. I found there was a lot of pain in my heart from the trauma I have been dealing with from my stay this past year in Uganda and it was so good to have some things cleaned out of my heart before I try to minister His love to others! It is so important to work on our own hearts on a regular basis before we try to assist others. Something about removing the plank from our own eyes before we try to assist others…. :) 

The school was hosted by a team from the UK and Holland. Not only was I able to attend but many of our youth from the program as well. It was incredible to see the youth we’ve been raising up move deeper alongside us. Many of these young men and women are becoming mentors within their families, churches and work places. Daddy’s favor has really come upon them and is revealing love in deep ways. One young man named Emma has begun to trust in financial provision in deep ways refusing to leave the center for a higher paying job because he believes the Father desires him to remain so he can experience our Fathers love.


Beginning today, we are hosting a youth follow up for the week. This will be a time of refreshment and receiving as we spend time in Daddy’s presence and share how He has been moving in our hearts. We are expecting about 20 young adults which is a smaller group than normal however our leadership team is made up of only 3 instead of the usual 7. I will be the only leader staying on the property with them so prayers for good sleeping will be needed! :) The ages of attendants are between 16-25 so there are some night owls among them! The first session this afternoon we will hear testimonies of their hearts then we will discuss as a team what Father is saying to share with others.

IMG_2083 (1).JPG

    Please feel free to email us if you have any questions or of you are praying for me and what is going on here in Uganda, I love hearing from you all! Thank you for all your continuous support, 

In Christ,

Kelly Rompel

Home Again

Home Again

Greetings from Uganda! :) I've been back about 30 hours and it feels like home! I know that may sound strange to some of you, but I'm realizing home is more where my pillow is than anything else because of my travel schedule. In fact I'm leaving my home for another home in about 30 hours! 


My flights were uneventful and thankfully I slept most of the way. One highlight though is that I was able to bring my guitar this time. I have been making attempts but due to the need/higher priority of other things it has not been an option. It even had a first class seat on my last fight, I was a bit jealous! :) 


Jane arrived from school the same day I did so it was a wonderful time of hugs and sharing lots of stories and catching up. She will be doing an internship from Sept-Dec to finish up her second of three years in university. She is exploring two possibilities for the internship, one being in Tororo. I am biased, however I am praying she chooses the one in Tororo! ;)

So far I have been back to the basics, paying bills and getting reacquainted with life here. I picked up Bubbles (my vehicle) from the family who cared for it while I was away and it drove very nicely! There is a new tax on all social media/communication apps so that has caused a lot of issues for the government. People have so little finances already that to have an additional daily tax in order to communicate is difficult. So I am working to adjust to the added cost as well as needing to be the pursuer of communication to keep cost down for others.

I leave home Sunday for Jinja and a father heart seminar for 6 days. I will not be leading this school but instead taking the opportunity to receive from a team from Europe/New Zealand. I am really looking forward to this time for renewal and receiving. 

I'm so thankful for the time I spent with so many of you in North America. It was wonderful to see you, hug you and eat with you! I miss you terribly and my body longs for your time zone still! ;) It's currently 2:30 am my time and I am wide awake with jetlag. 

Please continue to pray for me as I resettle back into life here in Uganda, safe travels on Sunday as well as deep connection with Holy Spirit next week at the seminar. From there I will be traveling to Tororo to figure out my housing situation. Prayer that the previous home I found is still available! :)

Thank you all for everything. Sending you love and hugs!


Please don't forget about this simple way to give, it costs you nothing but a few minutes to set up!




"Yes I finally got the certificate." Receiving these words from a friend in Uganda resulted in a loud happy dance in my room. Global Redemption has been approved as an NGO (non-government organization) in Uganda. WOOHOO!!!! Nearly two years after we began. To give an idea of why it has taken so long, BBC recently did a study of the level of corruption in political parties throughout the world. Uganda's currently reigning political party came in 2nd.... Just behind Pakistan. The level of corruption runs deep and has caused many problems. But with our core values being honor and integrity we decided long ago that we would not corrupt ourselves by walking according to the culture of corruption. It took a lot longer but as Jesus told me, we have remained in His Peace and for that I am so thankful!

So what's next?!?

Well as you can see from the photos above, these are two very common views of mine recently and will be for the next couple of months. I am still in the US (until the end of July) and will be continuing to travel a lot in order to connect with you! :) My travel plans for the next few weeks are: 
May 29th-May 31st Portland, OR
June 1st-4th Drayton, ON
June 5th-7th Toronto, ON
June 8th-10th Niagara, ON
June 11th-13th Portland, OR
June 13th Salem, OR
June 14th-19th Fort Jones, CA
June 20th-25th Redding, CA
June 26th-July 1st Bend, OR

If you are in any of these cities, or nearby, please let me know so that we don't miss each other! I am still coordinating July but those details will be released next month sometime. 

What can I do??

If you are in any of those cities and would like to help Global Redemption but aren't sure how, here's an easy idea. Invite friends to your house for a meal or tea time to give Kelly an opportunity to share about Global Redemption and Daddy's vision for our future. We have brought a lot of Ugandan arts and crafts which are for sale as well which is a wonderful opportunity to help us raise finances while buying a beautiful scarf, bag or pair of earrings. We even have cool bottle openers that look like gavels! 

In Central Oregon???

Come join us for a fun time learning and improving your garden at Whistle Stop. Bring your own pot, the planting type, ;) and receive a plant and dirt as well as some educational info about your garden. Proceeds of ticket sales go towards our programs in Uganda. We will also have some crafts for sale as well! Spread the word and invite your friends!

Another easy way to help!

Do you shop on Amazon??? Do you want to help Global Redemption but aren't able to financially? YOU CAN!! Amazon Smile will donate to Global Redemption every time you purchase an item. No need to sign up for a new account! Simply click this link: http://smile.amazon.com/ch/81-1360227 which will take you to the Smile Amazon page where you can sign up Global Redemption as your desired nonprofit for Amazon to donate towards. Then, instead of shopping from amazon.com, shop from smile.amazon.com. Same website, same items to purchase from, same shipping methods, same account. The only difference is that a percentage of the money you spend, Amazon donates towards Global Redemption! This is a HUGE help to us and it doesn't cost you anything! :) 

Am I missing home?!?

You bet! I am loving being in America (except the food keeps making me sick) but I am also missing Uganda. And I am also getting excited to return due to our approval. The next step will be to continue searching out a plot of land. So far I have viewed about 20 plots. I have been given the advice to at least triple that number. So our team has lots of land shopping to do! Currently our funding in savings has reached enough for this purchase. Our continued fundraising will now go towards building material and labor costs. We are researching a few options for those materials but we are looking to raise around $60,000. I'll provide a breakdown of that in a future email. Our monthly donations are also needing to increase in order to provide salaries for new Ugandan hires I am hoping to do when I return to Uganda. Click the donate button below to be transferred to our website for information on how you can be involved in what Daddy is doing to bring Kingdom Culture to earth. 
Thank you all so much for your hugs, hospitality and generosity!!


Transition into a New Season

Transition into a New Season

I'm getting ready to head over the big blue pond! That means suitcases have been pulled out, extra crafts purchased and lots of goodbye get togethers here. Though three months isn't a long time but when I return the plan is to shift to Tororo right away. So I am kind of saying goodbye to living in this area and that is hard. 

We are still waiting for approval on the NGO paperwork however at this point we have received all approval the NGO board has asked for. Please continue to pray for the process. I have had a major mindset shift however and am leaving with completely peace. I was venting to my wonderful sister a few weeks ago about my frustration of the corruption here and she made a statement that was very profound and had a major mindset change for me. She said 'your purpose there in Uganda is not to establish Global Redemption as an NGO. Your purpose is to reveal the Father through living life as His daughter.' BAM! Right?!? I talk about identity and purpose so often yet this really struck me. I had been so focused on this small piece of the journey that my heart was becoming overwhelmed and exhausted. Not anymore! ;) The enemy is a sneaky, slimy little bugger huh? We must be focused on receiving our identity from Christ and our purpose from what He says. I want to recommend a book that I recently read that I thought had some very profound thoughts on this topic as well. It's called Start with Why by Simon Sinek. He did a Ted Talk some time ago that I also recommend. https://www.ted.com/talks/simon_sinek_how_great_leaders_inspire_action
We must stay focused on the "why" given to us through Holy Spirit and say no to the things that do not connect our hearts to that why. 

I am so thankful for this opportunity to come back to the US and Canada and re-connect with so many of you. I'm excited to see my nieces (Goodrich girls still don't know!), go hiking, enjoy summertime in Bend and lots of hugs!! I will be traveling quite a bit to try and see as many of you as I can. While I travel, I will be sharing at various events, churches about our vision for the future to purchase property and build our mentorship center in Tororo. These events are also hoping to bring our monthly support up a bit as well. Currently we have monthly funding for two part-time staff in the US. Our board of directors took a step of faith to place me on salary as well starting this month. This will enable me to put money away for retirement as well as person expenses and travel. While that step of faith was Spirit led, we need to see an increase in our monthly giving if I am to remain on salary. Also, when I return and shift to Tororo, I would like to hire two part-time staff here as well as we begin training our mentors. This is also possible only as we see our monthly giving increase. Many of you have made one-time gifts which we so appreciate! These one-time gifts have given us the funds in savings to set aside for the purchase of property and they will continue to be used for building. However monthly giving is what will run our program and support our staff. This is my request for you. Visit our website and ask Holy Spirit about signing up for our monthly giving plan. No amount is too small or too great. Your financial donations will help reveal Kingdom culture in Uganda. Thank you!!



Maybe I'm too young to be thinking about inheritance. ;) Both my parents are alive and healthy. But I'm not only their daughter. I'm also the daughter of God. Many of you know that I've been calling myself "Daddy's Girl". So much in fact that now when I get an email from my earthly Dad, he actually signs with 'Earth Dad'. (By the way Dad, I love it!) But I'm thinking about my heavenly inheritance. I've been reading many Scriptures on this and learning a ton. The prodigal son story is probably one of the most famous story from the Word but there is another story that I've just come across this morning. It's found in 2 Samuel 9. It is the story of David and Mephibosheth. Mephibosheth is the last surviving family member of Saul and he is Jonathan's son. David loved Jonathan so much that he wanted to do right by his family line. So he calls Mephibosheth into his court, who is terrified he is going to get killed so that David can control his royalty. But instead David, out of love for Jonathan, restores all of Saul's financial inheritance to Mephibosheth. All the money, land, servants, etc. Incredible! Now Mephibosheth can live a life of royalty in wealth. What an inheritance! But then David does something else. David tells Mephibosheth in verse 10 "And [you] Mephibosheth will always eat at my table." David not only wanted to give him his inheritance of wealth and prosperity. David wanted to return Mephibosheth to a relationship with the king. Wow! What a powerful testimony. It's one thing to have wealth, but it's a completely different thing to eat with the king every day. That brings so many other things-peace, wisdom, protection, influence, affection, belonging.... These things are our true inheritance. This is what Jesus' death and resurrection has brought us. Now with Easter coming up, what if Daddy wants to show us a new aspect of what our inheritance is? I believe He does. I believe He wants to show us more of what He has in store for us not only in Heaven but right here and right now. Let's ask Him!!

Youth Follow-up

We had our first youth follow-up since the school in January. 30 youth came, our largest group yet! We had times of testimonies, soaking and teaching. We also did activations in prophecy (photo left). We put the youth in two circles facing each other and had their eye closed. Then we spun the circles until the music stopped so they wouldn't know who was in front of them. Then each youth asked Daddy for a word for the person in front of them. After speaking these words, the youth who  received shared how that word was specific to their heart. Lots of surprised faces!! :) They are learning of His deep love for them and how their purpose is to reveal that love to the world as they receive it first themselves. Such a powerful time!!


Last week the House of Prayer in Tororo asked me to come share about Father's love during their lunch hour prayer session. It was such an honor and blessing to me to hear how the daily messages Holy Spirit gave me to share touched the lives of so many leaders. Breaking of bondage of shame and religion, offering forgiveness even when it still hurts and revealing the love of the Father as Jesus did were just a few of the topics from my heart. I am so thankful for this ministry and relationships! I've loved being back in Tororo for a couple of weeks and I can't wait to move here in August!!

It's coming close!!

My departure from Uganda for a few months time in the US and Canada is coming close! We are scheduling a welcome home party at my church in Bend, Epikos and I'll let you all know the details as they are solidified. But I wanted to share a bit of my schedule so we could get together if I'm in your area! 
May 7th-15th Bend, OR
May 17th-29th Alaska
May 29-June 1st Portland,OR
June 1st-11th Toronto, CAN
June 12-14th Portland, OR
June 15th-19th Fort Jones, CA
June 20-25th Redding, CA
My schedule for July is still uncertain but I know I'll get up to Portland and Seattle during that time but will also be spending time with family and friends in Bend and enjoying summertime there. If you're in those areas I would love to get together with you! Please send me a message and we'll put something down! But also, the Goodrich girls do not know I'm coming so if you communicate with them please keep it a secret!!! :) 

Thank you all for walking this journey of revealing sonship with me! I'm so thankful for your presence in my life. I'm really looking forward to connecting with many of you while in the US. Our program here in Uganda is moving forward even if our paperwork isn't. We are continuing to design both our building and program as Holy Spirit reveals these to us. I am amazed at His heart being revealed through each step and step back. :) 
Sending each of you love, peace and a hug! 
~Daddy's Girl