Partnering with Global Redemption happens on many levels.

  • Level 1- Prayer

  • Level 2- Financial Donations

    • Our current financial needs involve an increase in our missionary, Kelly Rompel’s personal monthly support. She is shifting to a new location and is seeing an increase in rent as well as a need for heightened security. She will be hiring three trained watchmen each at $100/month. Her rent is increased by $55/month. The vehicle she is driving also is in need of a couple repairs totaling $600. See below how to give a one time donation or subscribe to monthly donations to help pay salary or rent increase. Donations made to Global Redemption are tax deductible.

  •    Ways to donate

    • One time gift

      • Make check payable to Global Redemption and mail to PO Box 2363 Bend, OR 97709

      • Click ONE TIME DONATION below to make a one-time donation with a credit/debit card



  • Automatic recurring gift

    • Setup online bill pay through your personal bank to Global Redemption PO Box 2363 Bend, OR 97709.

    • Click SUBSCRIBE below to set up automatic recurring donations with credit/debit card

  • Amazon smile

    • Using your existing Amazon shopping account you can sign up for Global Redemption to receive a donation from Amazon every time you shop at NO COST to you. Simply visit, sign into your normal account and select Global Redemption Bend, OR as your nonprofit of choice. Then change your bookmark from to Same products, prices and ease but now Amazon will donate towards Global Redemption every time you shop.

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  • Seed One App

    • There is a coming harvest on the earth. Every believer can Seed one ministry by rounding up their spare change to support what God is doing around the globe. Seed One is an app made for non-profit ministry organizations. Download the app, connect your credit and debit cards and Seed One will round up every charge you make and give it to Global Redemption. You will receive a tax benefit receipt at the end of the year from Seed One.



  • Level 3- Inviting Kelly Rompel as a speaker for your event on her visits the Europe, Canada and the US. Messages include: father heart of God, orphan heart to sonship, forgiveness and identity.

Following is a testimony of a youth pastor in Bend, OR who has heard Kelly speak on a number of occasions.

'Kelly has turned down multiple job offers to pursue the life God has called her.  She is constantly pouring herself out in service of others.  Her selflessness comes from a deep dependence upon the Father for everything in her life. She believes God is present and available in every circumstance and she lives like He is in her all the time.  I have met few people who are as satisfied and rooted in the love of Christ and at the same time compelled to awaken justice in our generation.  She is a friend to everyone and a true portrayal of what sincere and kind love looks like.  If you want to know what it's like to be loved by God become Kelly's will observe His love and grace in her life and you will receive it from Him through her. Kelly is a mysterious person, love seems to be the only thing that motivates her.  Kelly is deeply aware of pain, but she has not let it define her.  The healing she has experienced is what defines her and motivates her ministry.  I would not hesitate to entrust Kelly with financial contributions and support for her ministry.'  

  • Level 4- Volunteering. Currently we are looking for volunteers who are interested in:

    • Using social media to spread the love of the Father. Kelly has limited internet access and is looking for someone to regularly edit messages and photos sent by her and post them on social media.

    • Curriculum development. We are needing someone to take our curriculum notes and organize them into curriculum plans.

    • Contracting. Our finances will now allow us to purchase property in Uganda. We need someone to come live in Uganda during this purchasing phase as well as building phase of our School of Kingdom Culture.

    • Keeping missionaries on the field and thriving. Do you have a heart for serving? Desire to minister in Uganda? Cross cultural short term missions often causes more harm than good. However Global Redemption is looking into opportunities that would enable short term missions to transition from serving Ugandans and instead pouring into the lives of missionaries who are developing relationships with Ugandans. We are currently looking for financial advisors, hair stylists, massage therapists, physical therapists. We are also looking for people to come do VBS camps and childcare for missionary kids to allow missionary couples an opportunity for rest and date nights.

For more information regarding any of these Levels, visit the Contact page. There you can either call, email or fill out our Submission form.